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    • Which 10 teams make your list of the toughest opponents over the last decade? Team: Aledo 1. 2011 Lake Travis  2. 2015 Cedar Park 3. 2012 Denton Guyer 4. 2015 Lake Ridge    5. 2014 Temple 6. 2013 Ennis 7. 2018 South Oak Cliff 8. 2017 College Station 9. 2012 Stephenville 10. 2016 Calallen  
    • My publishing company is months away from releasing  a beautiful book celebrating the photographic origins of the great baseball culture in SE Texas. The book is  mainly comprised of photos dating to before 1930 and is organized on a county by county basis. The archive of images is astounding in every way. The images will be enhanced with vintage baseball imagery and graphics. The largest share of profits from sales of the book, on a per book basis, will primarily benefit youth baseball groups throughout the region. If you or someone you know would like to contribute images for use in the publication, please PM me or you can write to me at [email protected]
    • Common opponents in district to this point... PA 247-145 Ned 259-159 Should be a good matchup! 
    • For District 22 this year the goal is to make it to Huntsville.  Making it to the Regional final or beyond is gravy, we'll talk about it if it happens.   A look at the brackets reveals that winning the district makes that goal a lot more attainable.  The runner up will likely face Yates in the second round and then La Marque in the third.  A tough proposition. The winner of 22 will have have a much easier road.  W22 will have to contend with W17, W18 and W21 in it's sub bracket on the road to Huntsville.  Likely candidates are Huffman from 21, either Connolly or China Spring from 18 and either Waxahachie Life or Alvarado from 17.  Baring upsets W22 will face W21 in the third round.  W21 will be the weakest district winner in the sub bracket.  Then in round four W22 faces the survivor of W17 vs. W18.  So if favorites prevail throughout the sub bracket it will be Connolly verses our winner in the fourth round. Connolly is very good, better than either Silsbee or HJ, but that game is winnable by either.  Actually they didn't play the preseason schedule that Silsbee faced.  As far as ranked opponents go they lost to Liberty Hill by 15 and to Seminole by 11.   
    • They have already weighed in with the case US v  Nixon (1974)
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