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    • But Don’s Alternator on 16th had a no trespassing sign so they were “doing us a favor” by not charging us.... in cop-speak, anyways.    Serious question to which I don’t think that I ever got an answer from you.  Same scenario, but instead of the father/son you have two uniformed policemen hooping out of a cruiser. Everything else happens the same with the same result. What would your hypothetical opinion be in that case?  
    • Sure. IF you come back, we will file charges.  Here is what I think is a pertinent question.... did this homeowner tell McMichael that he wanted the guy arrested. If not, no lawful arrest in my opinion.  If the homeowner said, hey go tell that guy not to come in my property....oops! I kind of suspect that may have taken place from my experience. Nothing taken or damaged and the owner sure doesn’t want to get tied up in court.  I might even be the owner has already given a statement to the police to that effect.  You keep digging these guys deeper and deeper.......
    • I read an article not long ago on retiring as an officer and it importantly noted, once you retire, walk away. You are no longer an officer so don’t chase scanners calls, try to make arrests, etc.  when you walk away... walk away!
    • The owner of the property notified at least one of the three men that day after he received a cell phone notification from his surveillance system is what I saw in an interview.  But if the police have been notified repeatedly by a property owner upset about intrusions onto his property (which is what happened), then, yes... they have the right to assume that a person is trespassing. Back in the day, property owners on 16th Street in Orange notified the police that they didnt want people in their parking lots after hours. The police would roust us and let us know we’d be charged with CT if we came back. Same thing happened in Beaumont a couple of years ago when LEOs wanted to shut down the cruise there. 
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