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    • Well, I wouldn't go that far.....  The thing to remember is that the news media's first priority is generating revenue by selling ads.  More eyes, more ratings, pricier ads.  That's what they're concerned about.  However, that doesn't mean that they're totally wrong.  "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that nobody is out to get me" is a good way of looking at it. However, this thing has been totally over-hyped for the most of us.  The media is literally creaming their panties over the fact that they have a constant stream of bad news to send our way. This is in red print on Drudge today. Big news... experts and Trump's advisors doubt white house figures is the headline.  So I read it.  It basically says that "we don't like the predictions put out, but we don't know if they're high or low... We just know that we disagree" with a heavy dose of "Trump bad." I also read a similar article a few days ago that predicted 100,000-240,000 American deaths due to Coronavirus... Within hours I was seeing headlines that read "Experts predict 240,000 American deaths." I'll be the first to admit that there's some bad things going down in NYC and NOLA right now.  I think it'll continue to get worse, then get better.  When you go back over time, you can see Black Plague, Bubonic Plague, Swine Flu, SARS, Spanish Flu, etc.... the one thing that they all have in common is that the human race persisted.  Sometimes we just need a little reminder that we're still a part of the animal kingdom and disease (regardless of how far modern medicine advances) is still a fact of life... and always will be.  My opinion is that a year from now we'll all be fighting off some nasty bugs that were forced to adapt based on our new obsession with antibacterials.  I expect that we can all expect a ferocious round of stomach bugs and common colds next winter.  
    • Hey, I agree.  But, we can't see in the bag (s).  Plus we can't see in the semi-trailers.  Not saying it's not true, though.  But, which media do we trust?  Again, there's been reports from the media about over flowing hospitals that turned not to be true.  So much to point that the media that's maybe trying to fool us, now refuses to name the hospitals.
    • Great news. I'm starting to hear about many recoveries. But if you were never infected, dont think you are immune. Be safe my friend.
    • I don't know, man... any time that they start loading the bodies in semi-trailers I get a little concerned.   But that's just me.   
    • Let me ask everyone here a question:  Do you know anyone with the virus?  Do you know anyone that knows anyone with the virus?  Well, I can say no to both statements. Half way through this video, you'll see a "virus tent city" with no one there.  Also, it's been stated that early on, the news media was naming names of hospitals that are being "over whelmed" with virus victims.  Citizens have gone to record this and found these hospitals are basically dead.  So, later, the news media is still reporting drastic amounts of virus victims "over whelming" hospitals but are now "not" naming the hospitals.  Very interesting!
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