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Found 9 results

  1. To see who gets 3rd and who gets 4th. Both teams won at their home but playing at a neutral site tonight. I've got the Rebs by 10. Who y'all got?
  2. If The Dale wins I think they will have to do a playoff with HD for third. I've got the Rebs at home by 5-10. Who y'all got?
  3. Well Evadale is in a tough spot. If they can win out they have a chance to get in. Deweyville is a must win. Overtime game the first time, hope the Rebs can pull it off. Got to go with the Rebels at home. Who y'all got?
  4. Evadale's only district win this year has been versus the Sharks, but can they pull off a win down there? Hope the boys can turn it around. I'm saying it's an Evadale win but a close one. Who y'all got?
  5. Ok it's going to be tuff. The Rebs have fallen off the horse, the question is can they get back on? Evadale lost in an overtime heartbreaker over there, I'm saying The Dale takes it at home if the boys play to the best of their ability. Who y'all got?
  6. I'll take The Dale in a close one. Always hard to play there.
  7. Who y'all got? I want The Dale to win but it'll be tough in their gym. Evadale in a close game.
  8. I'd like to know some history on Kirbyville for '19. Whats the scores from the teams they've played so far and how did they fair during the hardships of the games or the accomplishments. No other reason for me asking other than I'm just a curious fan of the sport who follows adamantly. thump!!! thump!! thump!!!
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