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  1. So, just ignore the facts concerning the creation of the FHA and GI bill, which systematically discriminated against black citizens and veterans with their various red lining strategies? The deed covenants that forbid resales of homes in many developments to “ non Caucasian” individuals? The greatest contributor to middle class wealth accumulation in our history was denied the African American community until after the Don’t talk about it and it’ll go away? I don’t think so.
  2. I’m still around….Not much to talk about so far. I really like Coach McGuire, and the kids are responding positively. Looking forward to the season.
  3. I think you have a personal problem with Coach Davis. Nobody said he’s the best coach in the area but if underachieving is wining 20 game and making the playoffs ever year that’s crazy. That’s tuff to do at any school. Give credit where credit is due no matter what think of the dude. We are beating a dead horse so let just move on. Who we gonna talk about next?
  4. Forget the money, I want to see the rivalries of old renewed. It's insane that UT-A&M and UT-Arky don't play every year. It's crazy that aggy and ou don't play every year. This is a massive disservice to the institutions, players and us as fans. I miss the real trash talk and bragging rights. I want this to happen. But I'm a selfish a-hole so what do I know. I did talk to a few Bama and lsu buddies today and they're pissed for obvious reasons. They know if this happens, the recruiting advantage is diminished pretty quick like.
  5. ….and you talk about other people’s mindset. This has got to be the biggest load of poo poo I have ever heard. Notice the victim mentality? Everything he does is someone else’s fault……bravo.
  6. He’s also had to coach in the era where 4A has become a big city classification, with all of these houston and Dallas schools somehow fielding 4A squads. Not to mention the insane talent silsbee has put out. It’s kind of funny that you talk about the talent he inherited, but want to give Mitchell full credit for making the playoffs 3 years in a row with a D1 player (something I’m not positive Davis has ever had, except for a couple of seasons with Parquet).
  7. This airport should be shut down. But, no -- they are spending 18 million dollars on it. It's so bad at that airport that we had to pay (tax dollars) an airline just to come here. I say -- say let's put it out of our misery! And BTW -- what does this have to do with Covid?!
  8. Nobody brought that up in 2019 after that start yall had, funny it came to be talk again after the WB loss, plus there was friction within that staff, oh wait a minute: there was friction within the new staff last season too. So um: which version of United we gonna see this year, Central version or Ozen version? 🧐
  9. So, sorry it took so long to get back to this. This one is really multifaceted, but yes, sex sells. Most of these women, to quote @PAMFAM10are eye candy. They are not being hired because it’s the “right thing to do” (which I’m not sold that it is), they’re hired because the largest demographic is a group of testosterone filled, sexy women loving, American males (of all colors) who like to look at these women. They are virtually no different than the ring girls at a boxing match other than they get to talk and get to be fully clothed (form fitting and sexy please). There are a few exceptions (d
  10. We'll see? Heard a lot of the same type talk last year. Carthage lost over 5,000 yards of offense to graduation just like we did. One thing Crosby has showed over the years is that it doesn't matter how good your defense is, they're going to score on it. Looking at Carthage's schedule over the last few years there aren't any teams they've faced that will present the matchup problems Crosby will. Carthage wins a lot of games because teams are in awe when they get off the bus, that for dang sure won't be the case with Crosby.
  11. Well all that talk may not matter. Haven't heard that Buckner was taking the job. As of today it's still open. Along with head baseball, Jh/elem principal, and HS principal. So they still only have 3 boys coaches on staff.
  12. The REAL definition is simply a female named's the racist crowd that gave it new meaning. Oh look, she's mad about something, she must be a white privileged female. You got no room to talk about others being racist when you throw that crap out.
  13. I can make that assumption based off hundreds years of oppression. If the shoe fits cardinalbacker. All the talk about affirmative action it’s ashamed how we had to have things like this in place. Think about it we had to add the 13th 14th &15 . And that’s not a assumption. I thought you was one of the wiser ones
  14. it was a very good question. I think that is one of the misconceptions in the law. The feelings of the other person are basically irrelevant. It goes by the intent of the person committing the crime, not how it was received. Like if I walked up to you in a stern voice and say, “hey we need to talk” while pointing a finger at you. That is not a threat. A person might say it is threatening in their opinion but that is not a crime. If you walked up and said the same thing to me, should I be able to place you in jail and the answer is no. Well, “I felt threatened” does not make it a crime.
  15. They have no clue how to handle it!! They want to talk gun control. Newsflash, this is the scum of the earth committing these crimes, they have no use for your gun laws. All this does is make it harder for honest people to own guns.
  16. I always talk about the what if scenarios but your comment made me think of another. What if… I have read so many comments about the guy had a knife or may have so it had to be self-defense and blah blah blah. but what if… Let’s say the guy did pull a knife, maybe in self-defense, maybe not. Let’s say the guy with a gun did not have it with him. He has the right to stand his ground (maybe) but what if he disengaged from the encounter, went to his car good distance away and then returned with a gun and shot the victim? Does self-defense or stand your ground mean you can go
  17. If I were you I would let this go because if you want to talk about racism I can go all day with cold hard facts. Lol. And not things others told me. Straight facts about my dealings with current coaches and athletic directors in this area.
  18. Hmmm, so she can have her anti-white, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Chinese views - AND protest the flag but don’t dare talk bad about the poor lil’ misunderstood oppressed young lady.
  19. It is that way because it is hard in an appeals case to address every one of 100 different variables. The courts are reluctant to issue Bright-Line Rules although they do in some cases. In BLR they issue a, this is the rule and that’s that!! Typically cases are based at the local level (trial court) and depend on phrases such as totality of the circumstances, beyond a reasonable doubt, reasonable suspicion and objective reasonableness. Those are for a jury or a judge to determine. That is why we typically have 12 jurors on felony cases and they all have to agree on guilt. At some point hu
  20. I don’t think every white is racists. I’ll tell you this I live in a different world than most whites I have a different reality than most whites I have many white fiends that keep me even minded. But I have been called the n word with a strong r many times I have be mistreated by the police enough times I’ve had friends who have to give me the .. so my dad or grandpa is kinda racist talk before visits. Some milk it some don’t. I know my reality is truth. People love bringing up slavery was so long ago. But just recently in the 60s people was bombing churches hanging folks refusing to le
  21. There was big talk about that haul to Hempstead.
  22. On the Evadale website they have the AD job in with a high school history job! Who in their right mind would go teach a full load and be AD?! They also have both principals listed and the super. Nowhere does it say baseball. Guess they don't want a new Baseball coach. Pretty sure there's only 3 boys coaches over there right now. They only have the AD/History listed. They had 7 last year. Guess the board thinks 4 is enough lol. Talk about politics.
  23. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to leave you hanging. I do have strong opinions on this, but I typically don’t frequent or post in the political forum. My strong opinion would do nothing but rub the MAGA folks the wrong way. Don’t want that to interfere with some good ol sports talk starting in the fall. 😁😁🤷🏾‍♂️
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