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Found 7 results

  1. Dem idea of foreign policy is to send pallets of money. Wonder how much Joe will send to Jong Un?
  2. How's Nederland feel about not making the playoffs this year? How's PNG feel about playing Marshall in first round =-P BH sucks, coming for our district title.
  3. I know of other who think and believe the same. Be safe as you go about your day.
  4. Looks like its again gonna be another tough District. Don't know much about the new teams Friendswood, Laporte or Ball. Figure United to be strong. GCM should be the better of the 3 Baytown schools. Then we will have to see about PAM. We are losing a small Sr class but a few key contributors. Defense was very young but made strides last season. Our success will be how long our offense can keep the defense off the field and fresh.
  5. And about his racism!
  6. It's already close to realignment again. Wondering if anyone has predictions for next year. I think snapshots are in October? I was told that Barbers Hill was over 1800 on first day. If so. they will move up to big 5A, and in about 4 years may be making the jump to 6A. What movement are your schools making?
  7. Sooooooo this week 1 and there is no talking!!!!
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