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  1. Pirates dribble it out 57-49 Vidor final More talk from the fans in the stands lol nobody likes us...
  2. Just another lie. But, what one needs to understand is the unity they talk about is only to unify their radical base. Silly you! Did you think he was actually reaching out to everyone?!
  3. The truth of the matter is that no one wants unity. The left, the right, the “center”...their success hinges on dissension. In their minds, that’s how they keep their jobs. And it forces us into choosing sides, thus keeping the two headed monster alive. Furthermore, the media has taken the same approach. Without all the rhetoric, I have good friends on both ends of the spectrum, and I don’t agree with either side wholeheartedly on everything. But we can talk and discuss and even argue AND still be friends when it’s over (most of the time). Unity means BOTH sides of the aisle have to
  4. 🤦 Nah, this stuff isn’t being forced on us, that’s crazy talk.
  5. I guess that fools America Last Policies has them speechless. All that Bull💩 talk about Trump looks pretty damn stupid about now. Just imagine how stupid it will look a year from now if we still have a freakin country left. Can’t say you weren’t warned.
  6. Reagan


    What I have to say about the electric situation in general is: When a battery can lift a 787 off the ground then we'll talk!
  7. Dims like to talk out of both sides of their mouths!
  8. Wow, talk about putting someone in their place!
  9. Maybe not being able to go to games has slowed the chatter down. Maybe the haters for some teams have gotten a soft heart because of the pandemic. Maybe teams are not dominant as years past. Maybe there just not that much to talk about. Maybe it’s just a small trend. Ok, I’m running out of maybes.
  10. Talk about something and then there it is the next day. I don't use google, but I've had it happen several times. Pandora plays new ads based on conversations I've had. Not a search. "That's too coincidental to be a coincidence." Yogi Berra
  11. Wow, he flat out LIED!!!!!!! We even have video proof. What a worm. To those who kiss Biden’s lily-white arse, kiss it some more. He loves it. Talk about failing on a campaign promise. This was his main objective and supposedly why Trump lost because of his handling of the pandemic. You two-faced leftys. Where is your outrage? In the least, come up with a fake one.
  12. Oh, no doubt. My biggest gripe with Trump is that I feel like his behavior led to him not being re-elected. And that's a loss that we're all going to have to live with. No luck on that first female Pres thing.... I just don't see Biden finishing his first term. But you're right on the "women power" thing. Just yesterday ESPN was celebrating that Kelly Loeffler (that just lost the Senate Race in Georgia) was being forced to sell her WNBA Team. I guess all of that "we need women and minority owners" talk wasn't geared towards conservative white women, lol.
  13. I was way off on this one... Stupid Philip Klein. I was glad to see that the issue is at rest for now. There's talk of putting the issue on the ballot for the next election (which I think is a joke), but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  14. I don’t think we are on the same page here. I’m not talking about people who voted for Trump or president biden. I’m talking about the politicians who did absolutely nothing to stop the violence that was taking place. People lost everything, sometimes even their lives. Historical artifacts were destroyed. People were being attacked in their vehicles. Parts of cities were being taken over and the politicians did nothing to stop these actions. Why, because it didn’t affect them. They didn’t care. Some politicians actually urged for the violence to continue and helped bail people out of jai
  15. Trump would still be president if he knew how to act. But instead of holding Trump to task whenever he insulted, ridiculed, threatened, etc... his loyalists would say "but look at the economy." Newsflash. There's more to life than the economy. A lot of people don't care... but they DO care about voting for someone who insults their gender, race, culture, etc.... And they won't vote for that person. I think the fact that "good Christian" people would refuse to condemn Trump's behavior was a huge turnoff to a lot of people. People didn't vote for Biden.... they voted against Trump.
  16. Unicorn Boy’s Uncle Joe’s America Last Policies. Kills off an estimated 52,000 jobs on the first day. But he’s not hurting anyone’s feelings with his talk just killing the American families livelihoods across America. Congratulations to the Left on this forum.
  17. I don’t think the guy is a racist, but he has no problem exciting racists with his talk about immigrants and all.
  18. I see kids all the time across the state that end up at a major D-1 school that don't make all team first district. If you put Bost on Crosby with the athletes they have he likely throws for 4,000 yards. You want to talk D-1. Look at what some of these kids did with not even a JUCO level talent around them.
  19. Biden has already threatened his entourage with firings if they talk down to anyone. Big deal. Some people worry too much.
  20. How about this? As we are in the High School Football Forum, let's talk HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL. If you wish to debate politics, here is the forum for you:
  21. The news feeds are saying that "unity" was a major theme/talking point of president bidens speech. What a joke!!! How can he stand up in front of America and talk about unity after what the DEMONcrats did the last 4 years? How can he talk about unity after the last 8 months of racist hate from blm and antifa? There hasn't been unity since President Trump took office. Why does he want it now? Maybe he and his party can receive the same form of unity that has been shown the last 4 years.
  22. Quick question......would we be even debating this if this was a boys team? What these girls are doing is AMAZING! Averaging almost 100 ppg (1st in the USA) getting about 90 possesions a game! 5 players are averaging double digits, they are averaging almost 25 assists a game while only committing about 13-15 TO's a game. WOW! The grind is real over there at HJ and they start them young. You cant call yourself a basketball fan and not applaud what these young ladies are doing. Now if they dont finish the deal, then we will have something to talk about! In the meantime lets keep it movi
  23. Riiiiiiiight. Well, Mr. Conservative, where do you expect to make much needed spending cuts? Social Security? Defense? Those ARE the biggest two items. Or is just a bunch of talk like it has been for years, with no intentions of actually curbing our out-of-control spending on either side? Like I said..... There was no deficit by the time Clinton left office. Can't say that today, can we. In fact, it's gotten way worse under the great conservative named "Trump."
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