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  1. [quote name="bleed orange" post="902984" timestamp="1289358265"] [quote author=ECBucFan link=topic=75789.msg902878#msg902878 date=1289352745] [quote author=ECBucFan link=topic=75789.msg902632#msg902632 date=1289331987] [size=16pt]...EC emerges #1![/size] [/quote] ;D [/quote] Bucfan EC does good every year but I agree they surprised the district this year. Wish you guys the best in the playoffs. [/quote] And thank you Bleed!  :)   All year long, the talk has been Newton or Anahuac?...Anahuac or Newton?...Newton or Anahuac...?? It just amazed me how EC, an undisputed, undefeated
  2. [quote name="Mark F Barnes" post="896318" timestamp="1288878890"] I personally want to see Brenham kick the crap out of Stratford. They were one of the dirtiest teams we played all year if not the dirtiest. They ran that mouth from the coin toss on, even after the final gun, they couldn't take their beating like a man, and still had to trash talk all the way to their buses. They should be glad Leroy Dobbins was out with knee surgery, or it would have been worse. Our backup Tevin House put 260 yards on them on 23 carries. I can't STAND Stratford, they have always thought they were bet
  3. [quote name="kville" post="839954" timestamp="1283714534"] Just wondering what has happened to LOCAL rivalries? When I was playing a 40 minute bus ride was a long road trip and we had a cooler in the back of the bus for the sandwiches someones momma made. Now school has to be let out early, the team (and band) have to stop halfway and get something to eat, Charter busses are needed sometimes. Should we get a hotel or drive back after the game and get home at 2am? All of that is bad enough in the play offs but for a regular game? Come on, Vidor and a team from Texarkana? Kville vs Wills Point?
  4. [quote name="Nanna" post="800168" timestamp="1273523704"] Yes, isn't amazing how people tell other teams who they should play and who they should schedule.  [/quote] I think you are right Nanna, but I would not sweat it too much. I think in this time of the year, there is not much else football wise to talk about, so predistrict scheduling inevitably comes up. Personally, I think each coach knows what is best for their respective teams. I won't question their decisions, and I disagree with those who do disrespect other teams decisions. FWIW, I think Hardin's schedule is fi
  5. [quote name="88Warrior" post="774837" timestamp="1268270168"] Blame it on what it was...a  poor night of shooting and looking ahead to EC....too much trash talking between those two schools and [b]fans[/b] led to both going out of the playoffs way too soon...  [/quote] I have to partly disagree about the trash talking. EC by and large did not trash talk. Some from Woodville had anointed themselves as 2010 State Champs before the regular season even ended, and I didn't see anything resembling that from the EC posters. 
  6. Really long odds for Buna, but I'll support them. Class act from their fan base to their coach to the team. Rare to see anyone from Buna get on here talk the trash... Good luck Coogs.  :)
  7. I agree. Newton was just a few yards and a few seconds away from going into halftime losing to EC. EC moved the ball real well during the 1st half. I had to wonder if the Eagles got a Barbay "pep talk" at the half. I don't think Coach V is random with the game plan and game decisions. Just because something is not fully understood from the stands doesn't mean its unthoughtout or wrong. I think he did things the way he did for a reason, so lets give the benefit of the doubt. Overall in this very early point of the season, the Bucs look like they are doing OK.
  8. Foremost, EC fans are by their nature one of the more quite-spoken groups on this board. This is especially true since some of the EC posters who did speak up more have had kids graduate and move on, or they have moved away, etc. I know that for a fact. EC's fans won't generally run their mouths about having "the best players, the best field, the best cheerleaders, the best coaches, the best stadium, the best parking lot, the best scoreboard, the best bag of peanuts...the best-best-best-best whatever. All that type talk is left to others. And I am glad of that. EC fans in general tend to be
  9. No one should pull for FW here. Way too much trash talk originating from this pathetic individual.
  10. Oh come on now!!! : Newton fans themselves talk at great lengths of the athletes in Newton! Newton and WOS has athletes on top of athletes! Be realistic, please! I asked in another thread a hypothetical question when a similar topic came up: What if HOOKS had spent his entire career at (for example) BRIDGE CITY? What if BARBAY had always been at (for example) WARREN? Anyone want to venture guesses? Please do!
  11. The talk ain't coming from EC, so, If the shoe fits, (again) jb...
  12. Still here, recovering from Ike... I haven't posted in a while, because it seems so many posters here just want to argue, trash talk, and insult. I miss REAL football conversation, and I appreciate all who likewise value it, its just in short supply lately. Good to hear from Steeler and our friends at DV, hope yall are doing well, and thanks for asking. We are looking forward to a good, friendly game tonight. Take Care, ECBucFan.
  13. I stand by every last word of it! As for "talk a lot of crap" NO ONE does it more than Hardin, Mr. Bush. (Whats EC-New to you anyways??) Too bad 1A HD put it on ya, even after the stud New Caney import came in. Pathetic, Mr. Bush.
  14. Guest

    EC AND 2A GUYS...

    I've seen Hithchcock a few times, they (at least in the past) seem to me athletic, but not very deep and at times less than focused. I really have no idea about '08, but due to their past athleticism, it would not be surprising to see them do well. Can you add? Just wondering: does EC make the news and/or talk around LM?
  15. Ha! To hear some talk, EC doesn't have a prayer this year. I say: until proven different...
  16. Bush, EC doesn't have to talk, the numbers say it all: 2000 EC 28, Hardin 12 2001 EC 34, Hardin 0 2004 EC 41, Hardin 7 2005 EC 40, Hardin 13 2006 EC 52, Hardin 0 (halftime score) 2007 EC 57, Hardin 29 Any questions?
  17. OK, just try to win one, just one against EC first. Or at very least avoid a blowout for a change. Then talk it if you must.... (just one! )
  18. November 9, 2007 EC 57- Hardin 29, subs played 4th quarter....Refresh your memory? You may have your boy Thomas this year but the Dickey can go and will be a d-1 prospect. Playing in a four-a school then facing EC is a smaller task. Hang loose there Buc Fan you may be in for a rude awakening. You are making presumptions on future events that may or may not come to pass. There is no need to "hang loose", so far as Hardin is concerned. The past two games have been blowouts in EC's favor, 57-0 (I think, and game was not finished, and most recently 57-29, and could have been much worse) I
  19. Seriously, you are right. Coach Hodges has them playing well. What hurts them, IMHO, are those that can't control their mouth. There has been alot of trash talk eminating from Kountze this year. Gloatings over a hurt opponent, calling opponents chicken & cowards, ad nauseum. I certainly realize two or three trash talkers does not represent everyone in Kountze, but I believe it backfires on their whole program. I do wish the Coach well. He has done a great job.
  20. Buna line hungry for pancakes By CHRIS DABE , The Enterprise BUNA - Talking among the Buna offensive linemen began shortly after the team's first game this season and has yet to quiet down. Each huddle, trip to the sideline and film session is filled with the same boasts among Buna's beefiest players. "Running backs talk about running the ball," said Kris Dotson, a 6-foot-5, 305-pound right tackle. "We talk about making pancakes." A pancake in this case is not something found on a breakfast menu. Nor can it be made in the kitchen. "It's pretty much just picking your guy up and plantin
  21. And this on the heels of all the LCM merger talk?
  22. Why are YOU talking about our 2A district? Whats it to YOU? Whats your problem with it? Go back to DETX board if you want to continually bash 24AA. We talk because this is a SETX board, can't you understand that? Geeze, Gimme a break! :
  23. Actually, I like seeing this confidence from Buna. This reflects an incredible turnaround from just a few years ago. Honestly, talk of winning (the 3A) district 3 or 4 years ago was unthinkable for the Coogs. Now, realistically, Buna will probably be 3-0 going into the EC game, and playing for the #1 spot. Any way you look at it, Buna has come a long way. I congradulate them and wish them well in the playoffs.
  24. Interesting to talk about this, but in many cases it is nearly irrelevant on the football field. I can remember one guy who was very muscular, but couldn't take a hit. That guy was scared to jump on a fumble--he was afraid of mixing it up in a pileup. Conversely, I remember some guys didn't look like much, but were tough as nails. 8)
  25. Guys, clearly, Scalp'em is looking for an arguement. This all stems from another thread where he was raggin' on Lumberton, trying to insult them by putting them in 2A so they could win. (computer says Lum goes 6-1, in 2A, losing to EC) I pointed out he has NO room to talk. PN-G could VERY WELL lose to EC, (computer says PNG nips EC by point or so), despite having almost 5X enrollment. Now he hates EC. : Whatever, Scalp'em. Whatever. : EC plays up. All 3A's. That ain't weak. Many other 2A's play 1A's, and he don't even mention that. All four EC opponents were PREVIOSLY UNDEFEATED whe
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