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  1. The auto insurance companies are spending unfathomable amounts of money on commercials to reign supreme in the business. State Farm, Farmers, Geico, Progressive, Liberty, etc. spend tons on advertisement. Some commercials are initially funny, many are just downright pathetic. Some adopt a logical, results driven strategy. Some adopt a Sesame Street puppet show strategy. Some implore catchy slogans of persuasion. Practically all claim that their company can save you a fortune. Can anyone tell me the difference between the companies as far as results? Who is the fairest at resolving claims? Who
  2. Silsbee Tiger Nation Twitter Page indicated the following "Stay tuned for Silsbee Basketball Area Playoff rescheduled. Dates and times will be posted as soon as they are finalized'. Don't know if this is accurate or just Twitter Talk, it was posted at 10:35am this morning. I have not heard anything from Yates about rescheduling the game.
  3. Meh, the majority of the people talk WOS football. But you are correct that Silsbee has long dominated the conversation on this board. But those two are also the Gold Standard in their respective sports. Comes with that territory. Beaumont United also gets a lot of discussion since it’s formation and the combining of the two best big school programs in the Triangle. We’ve seen some long Lumberton threads too. Start winning and people are going to talk about you.
  4. The title might read SETX SPORTS, but I believe the majority of people talk Silsbee Basketball and they can be a little sensitive lol
  5. Yes they do. The few games I have been able to see, I would have liked to have seen them be more aggressive around the rim. They have some length and should have a few more of those dunks they talk about IMO.
  6. I gave it up. So many nuts in both directions you can’t hardly talk to anyone anymore. The only people you can have a decent political conversation these days are other moderates. If you aren’t far enough right you’re a snowflake or a libtard, and if you say the wrong thing to someone on the left you’re liable to be called a racist or a phobe of some kind and get cancelled. I just stay out of it and keep my views to myself these days.
  7. Talk about deflection. I don’t like the Dem politicians but I have to give them their due, they have deflection down to a fine art. The Reps are good but nothing like the Dems.
  8. Biden’s Secretary of Defense just rewarded a $285M defense contract to a company he owns over $1m of stock in. But sure let’s talk about Ted Cruz going to Cancun...
  9. I actually called Babin and Cruz multiple times. But for some reason they won’t return my calls. I also called them because I wanted to know their reasoning for not certifying the votes of this last election. I guess they don’t want to talk to someone who voted for them but disagree with how they have been governing.
  10. Talk about being part of a chain letter! LOL! Yeah, like you really watch Fox! SMH!
  11. Talk about living rent free in the Dims heads!
  12. I go back and forth between being mad about wasting time and money on a charade that has no chance of accomplishing anything (other than the opposite of the “healing” everyone likes to talk about without doing anything to achieve it). Or being glad they are like a child or a pet with an unsolvable puzzle. They will never be able to solve it but it keeps them occupied from doing something more stupidly harmful.
  13. I feel sorry for my grandkids, this is no longer the greatest country in the world, even with everything that is wrong with this country, it was the greatest in the world. If you were born a man, go to the mans bathroom , because if my granddaughter is in the womans you'll never get through the door. If you break into my house trying to take something that isn't yours, that I worked hard for, expect to be shot. If you come riot around my house and try and tear my stuff up, expect to be shot. The difference between a protest and a riot, a protest is carrying signs calling out the injustice, a r
  14. I’m sure the peanut brains(quoting Silly Willy)have no problem with it. And, the peanut brains being the Dims. Talk about being two-faced, the Dims are prime examples of that!
  15. When a football coach tells his team to go out there and fight, it's just figurative speech. Just like when Buddy Stephens says to "get out there and shove that football up somebody's nose"... He really doesn't want them to try and insert said pigskin into anybody's nasal passage. But Buddy is doing his part to get them motivated to get out there and perform, hopefully winning a football game. And if a coach turns around and says, "shoot, I never expected those guys to actually go out there and PLAY football" after drawing up a game plan, scheduling a game, arranging bus transport, giving t
  16. You bring up a good point. I'm guilty of that myself. Racism is defined as the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another... and I honestly don't know many people of any shade who feel that way. My opinion is that racism is much, much less apparent now than in recent times.... but racial animosity is reaching levels that we haven't seen in a long time. Barriers people faced because of their skin color are just not what they were years ago. It's to the point that
  17. I agree with you that things were HORRIBLE 155 years ago. They didn't get a lot better after the Civil War, either. You had decent progress after '64, or so I've read. I know for a fact that things have gotten a lot better in the short 40 years that I can recall. I'd dare say that black people have more opportunities and benefits afforded to them than any other race here in America right now. If they do not choose to take advantage of those opportunities because they'd rather talk about the "old days," I really don't know how to respond... They'll NEVER advance as a group because of the
  18. No Sir, I actually like the fans from Silsbee. The coaching staff goes out of their way to stop and talk with me. The head coach has a VIP Seat waiting for me if I ever make it to Silsbee HS, (that's a long drive from Houston). Yates v Silsbee Games are good.
  19. Is anything more Covidy than a Memorial basketball thread being hijacked by Kountze talk?
  20. Not just that, but they definitely want to talk to your ex-wife. "To acquire a license, gun owners would have be 21 years old, pass a background check, complete a training course, obtain insurance, and undergo a psychological evaluation. "Military-style" weapons would require an additional training course and license. The proposed psychological evaluation would have to be conducted by a licensed psychologist and require them to interview the spouse, former spouses, and least two other family members or associates of the person applying. Licenses would be automatically denied if the
  21. Mine lived on a commune in Oregon. That should tell you all you need to know about her. I love her to death but we don’t talk politics. It’s useless...kinda like on this board. Drove to Houston to pick her up from the airport. Complained that I picked her up in a gas hog. Told her she was welcome to walk. Guess what? She was willing to overlook it this time. I didn’t even mention the jet fuel hog she just flew in on. lol
  22. Let’s talk about next year. I see someone discuss on China Spring vs. WOS thread so I thought why not to discuss this relate about next year. I am not sure how many that they lost and return. my big question is QB issue. I know #19 is more likely play at QB but my opinion that he should stay where he have been and best option. Does anyone know that they have a good QB? Next several years still good reload or not? Since I cannot see there how they doing cause I don’t live there. I would love to hear your opinion and start discuss.
  23. Peanut brain, and you want to talk low IQ. That would be something a pre-schooler could come up with!!🙄
  24. Funny, the right were the ones who were supposed to be scarce after the election, you know, afraid to face the truth. All I ask is that someone explain how Biden’s policies benefit Americans. He puts anyone in the world ahead of his own citizens. His foreign policy sucks big time. I guess all they could talk about is how Trump was rude and crude. Trump was hated because he exposed the deep state and the manipulating media......stepped in an ant bed, so to speak.
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