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  1. [quote name="numberseven" post="826083" timestamp="1281990010"] I played today, and was not impressed at all.  Fairways looked like first cut, greens weren't in the greatest of shots, and facilities are just depressing.  Much rather go down Labelle Rd. to Bayou Din, Links 9 has to be best 9 in the area, outside of BCC.  [/quote] numberseven aka "derek" former team mate lol. dont be dogging my course dude. i live out there and i think its in GREAT shape. your just bias cause you WORK AT THE DIN loser. :P and yes it is over priced!!!!
  2. your right he is way underated but HF had a great team last year with good defense they have young talent coming up they will be better than people give them credit watch out for this team.
  3. [quote name="numberseven" post="711560" timestamp="1258572071"] I would say the same three teams from last year, just mix up the order a little.  Bridge City will always be strong, Orangefield is returing basically everyone along with two D1 recruits, and HF has one of the best/most underrated pitchers in the state, IMO. [/quote] good post buddy.  yea logan is the most underrated player but hes a BEAST
  4. and for longhorn1951 who are you??? your probably some stupid little girl just running your mouth and crying just like all those bc fans last year when hf rocked there pretty boy pitcher over 407 along with every other pitcher......hf will be fine this year..they always find a way to win they have a great coach that will build the team up to where they need to be for district when it really counts.
  5. HF has more than 1 good hitter Manaldi,Markum and alot of young guys will step up with alot of talent
  6. the worst umpires i have ever seen the second time they cancelled the game this weekend the colt 45 coach almost was in a fist fight with him and the umpire was egging him on to hit him. so there idiots shouldn't belong around baseball.
  7. not sure what happened this time but umps got into a cussing match and called the game and left
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