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  1. So there are also reports Bobby Petrino would be named coach...we shall see
  2. None of those teams won state either
  3. Talking locally but #1 statewide Northshore Duncanville from 2018 would top my list too.
  4. What's your vote...my personal favorite was Nederland vs Pearland Dawson 2012 Regional at NRG which Nederland won in overtime 22-19
  5. There wasnt a single DFW team in either 6A game that year those folks stayed home.
  6. That's because Dallas area fans didnt travel to NRG known fact
  7. Corey Flagg and yep committed to Miami
  8. Parson for Duncanville the Freshman QB didnt play bad North Shore defense played lights out in the 2nd half....now Guyer's Freshman QB had a grand total of 1 total yard the whole game that's not good at all
  9. North Shore still had Dematrius Davis
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