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  1. Nope got the job done thats whay counts going to be a good game vs. Post.
  2. They would have had 400 if it wernt for that. The offense is solid...their defense meh...then again its 2019 nobody plays defense these days
  3. They were more impressive to me the last time San Augustine played them
  4. If there's one round that has given Carthage trouble its the Semi-Finals...that said my money is on Carthage
  5. IMO not impressed with Refugio final stats was 370 to 349 in favor of San Augustine SA had 297 yards rushing tonight penalties and turnovers hurt San Augustine
  6. And Refugio gets the 1st down and more down to the SA 14 2:13 left SA out of timeouts
  7. SA gets it down to the Refugio 3 but come up with 0 points 8:38 left
  8. San Augustine forces the 3 and out and get the ball at their own 29 11:07 left
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