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  1. Defense wins championships and believe it or not it's still true in 2020
  2. Actually Nederland is 0-4 in Crosby 2010,2013,2014, and last year
  3. Well atleast Crosby doesn't have a Walter playing this time around
  4. Bulldogs are going to play keep away by running the ball. This is a way different team offensively than the 2013 team that gave up 56 to Crosby
  5. Now I will say this about my team the one negative that I see is that we have one really good receiver and some other receivers that honestly I can't name but the bread and butter is running the ball as we have more than one good running back this year. I'm like you I could be wrong but I dont see Crosby getting 55.
  6. 3 team tiebreaker scenario Texas City would win the tie break +11 over PN-G 0 and Kingwood Park-11
  7. I think Crosby will win this but Nederland giving up 55 points I dont see it
  8. Texas High might have the biggest O-line I've seen in awhile averaging almost 300 pounds. They've been beat up by the injury bug as they're down to their 3rd string RB (one RB is out with a concussion) but they have a Jr. QB Brayson McHenry who is a good thrower and can also beat you with his legs. Texas High just barely escaped Nacogdoches with a win they currently they sit at 9-0. I feel teams in the playoffs will put some points on the Texas High defense as they're not very big but expect big offensive numbers as the team is very balanced running and passing.
  9. JV Nederland 38 Kingwood Park 0 JV is 7-1 on the year
  10. Start time for Nederland vs. Kingwood Park has been changed from 7:30PM to 2PM Friday.
  11. Goes to points...Barbers Hill would be +12 Nederland +5 PN-G -17
  12. Congrats Memorial take care of business in the playoffs
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