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  1. before Surratt got there Carthage made the finals once losing to A&M Consolidated in 1991 before that they made the State Semifinals just once in program history losing to Lubbock Estacado in the 1983 Semifinals. For those who have never seen Carthage in person play for a state title it's a little difficult to describe other than to say Carthage is on a whole different level than the team they are playing. There's a reason why Coach Surratt is undefeated in State Championship games and the Television just doesn't do it justice.
  2. TW took the Barbers Hill for the same reason Ronnie Gage did...the retirement checks that come once they decide to hang up the whistle average of the five highest years of salary makes the Barbers Hill job attractive for any head coach because it pays so well
  3. yes he's responsible for some but not all of TW resume. They did win state in 08 and the year after Murray left Allen made a run to the semi-finals.
  4. Meanwhile across the tracks were losing many of our skill players but bring back the biggest name of 2020 Kyndon Fuselier...much of the defense is back led by 2nd team All State LB Jaice Beck
  5. As many times as the community went and put for sale signs on his front lawn you actually think he would leave now that they're not...😄
  6. And it teaches you life lessons...like how to be a team player...and how to overcome challenges
  7. Unless they give him the title of Athletic Director he is not going back there
  8. https://www.uiltexas.org/basketball/state-boys/boys-basketball-state-tournament-spectator-information
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