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  1. Ok I know Mason wore the same number thought it might of been him...
  2. Apparently Coach King made his team run gassers after the brawl😂
  3. Thats Mason Beresford really good baseball player too
  4. Thats saying something because neither one of Nederland's QBs have taken a single Varsity snap behind center
  5. Coach Thompson would play on a dirt field with poles for goalposts if he could.
  6. For teams that won state before Id pick any of those WO-S teams in the 90s that lost to La Marque...for those that didn't Silsbee and Jasper had some really good teams over the years but never won state
  7. No we upgraded to an underground water sprinkler you didn't hear about that😂
  8. Shoot Todd we may not find out who were playing till the day of at this point🤷‍♂️
  9. I know coach Barrow was working the phones all week after the change from the uil if Houston Austin game was a no go it would have been announced already jmo
  10. Game is set for October 2nd so should be good
  11. Todd is a busy man...on another note glad the warden is here to police the place
  12. Looks like PN-G vs. PA Memorial is a go for week 1 (Sept. 25)
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