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  1. Friend of mine flooded for the 3rd time in 2 years. Seems to be the same places that flood over and over again.
  2. Offensive shootout I don't see much defense happening in this one. That said PNG should win this by a couple of scores
  3. Bye week for most teams next week what is your predictions on district finish this year?
  4. So McMorris has his best game of the year and alot of people are saying bench him? I don't agree with that one.
  5. Not a good night for Nederland special teams either
  6. Both Freshman A and B teams played at West Brook. B team lost 35-0, A team lost 14-7.
  7. That was the 1st game in 93. The 2nd game (Bi-District) was much less eventful
  8. And before that it was Summer Creek fans...things change
  9. That's because he's (McMorris) been running for his life so far this year
  10. Does anyone have the stats from the United game vs Ned?
  11. No way is the Silsbee defense as good as United's defense.
  12. One downfield threat for Nederland once you stop the run game not much offense happens
  13. Anyone see depth being a problem for WOS
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