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  1. Subvarsity is nothing more than a talent evaluator. Now I'll say this that freshman QB PN-G has (soon to be sophomore) is going to be good.
  2. Why are yall talking about subvarsity for? The results have no bearing on what happens on varsity especially with Nederland and PN-G
  3. Whatever Crosby does do not allow the coaching staff for FB Marshall to stand on the field during play those coaches bullied the referees on that side of the field for most of the Nederland game and not one word was said about it from our coaching staff
  4. Found this roundtable discussion of Coach Ethridge from his time at Dalhart High School 1960-1963 good stuff
  5. Worst playoff loss ever for Nederland...FB Marshall dominated from start to finish but a good season nonetheless for the Bulldogs as a few didn't even have the Dogs making the playoffs this year.
  6. I just saw a dominate line performance both ways for FB Marshall it might be different next week but for me FB Marshall takes this
  7. Graham wasn't the QB on that Ennis team that beat WO-S Tate Wallis was
  8. None of those teams threw the ball like Ennis did though. All 3 of those teams were primarily running teams.
  9. Maybe they changed the start time..I saw 1PM in a few places
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