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  1. They just want it to be a game, United has seen some of the best teams in the country and has made it to championship games of two big time tournaments. . United shouldn’t be challenged until deep in the playoffs. .
  2. J’covan Brown is the only one I can think of. . . Was he at Memorial through his 4 years?? I think I remember him at Kelly one year
  3. That whole area headed south of Houston towards Galveston as a whole is going through a major change and not the football powers they use to be (La Marque, Hitchcock, Galveston, etc.)
  4. Agree if anybody Dotson stock went up big time. . Yates was already certified
  5. I’ll say this idk if United wins with Terrance but I think he would have been the best player on the floor. . Still can’t believe the talent that Newton team has though. Idk if they recruit or not but they can go
  6. Lol Duncanville and Richardson it’s definitely different levels but let’s not forget what makes United special., They’re a Neighborhood team. . We all know how Dallas Area teams work
  7. Short handed against what could be a top 5 team in the country next season, On little rest. . nothing to hang your head about Wolves. .
  8. I do appreciate the announcers saying #1 team in Tex vs #1 Team in GA 😂😂. .
  9. I think United took this personal with all the Commits this Newton team has, I ain’t mad at em
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