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  1. I'm guessing Bevil is the man behind the offense cause if you know Louis you know hes never ran an offense like this and neither has Cesar. We were all fed fools gold them first few games I guess
  2. Wow didnt see that coming. Evadel usually tough
  3. Not that hard to stop a team that runs 1st and 2nd down than tries to pass the ball on 3rd and long...Wolves to predictable
  4. I know it doesn’t matter but did United beat Dickson over the weekend?? Did both teams have there full roster??
  5. Wasn’t he supposed to go to Brook But His dad wanted him to start as a freshman or at least be on varsity?? Apparently Peevy told him no since he had La’Ray and Troy idk if it’s any truth to that 😂😂
  6. Someone posted that its canceled, can anyone confirm??
  7. Idk man something telling me Brook doesnt have the fire power this year but also BU's coaching will find a way to lose this game. ...hmmm I'll have my pick Friday at 11 pm
  8. Just going by what I see. C.E King sure ran well, just saying
  9. TD King, missed XP 21- 20 Brook Yea I see the wolves running game punching Brook in the mouth and wolves Defense allowing some points but not enough to lose
  10. Brook definitely looks lethargic. Idk man I'm starting to lean towards BU next week. Although idk how they looked last night but from what I heard it wasn't to much better lol
  11. Is that due to circumstances at home or Lou just experimenting?.
  12. Hopefully with everything that happen last week it hasn’t affected the wolves mindset...
  13. I’m not gonna say I’m surprised with United 180 change. I just knew it was going to be kind of be difficult the first year for the kids from different parts of town coming together to gel... and the crazy part is some of the best athletes at United aren’t even playing but I’m pretty sure they’re noticing and may be more willing to join the team now that it’s becoming appealing. God job wolves
  14. Kid has had problems I don’t think transferring is his answer but good luck to him. NS still has athletes and imo is still the fav for the District Crown. Just happy to see BU is better.
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