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  1. We was worth watching.
  2. I think very little of most politicians. While Trump is supporting many of my issues I think very little of him as a person. As said, lessor of two evils. There is a part of me that would like to see the dems get their way and he get removed from office. How do you think they would feel with Pence in charge setup to get elected for the next four years. Or maybe followup with Don Jr getting elected. Talk about biting them in the butt.
  3. Trump will make history as the first impeached president to get re-elected as president and eventually solidifying his legacy as the most resilient president in US history. All thanks to the democrats.
  4. Dak is not the problem and as mentioned, he is the league leading passer. Is he worth 30 mil? I don't know but it would be challenge to find a better and cheaper QB. A good coach or organization should be able capable of winning a super bowl with a Dak caliber QB.
  5. I thought Shultz had a good resume and Lamar paid to get him but that didn't work out.
  6. I'm going out a limb and predict Nick Saban will be the next Cowboy coach.
  7. If he were to come to Lamar and win, he wouldn't be here more than two or three years before another bigger team would take him.
  8. I wonder if this type of thing is more or less the norm in the league? Did the Astros just get caught? I'll also be interested to see if it affects next season's success. The Patriots got caught cheating but it didn't appear to have much effect on their success.
  9. There are some pairing exceptions but most of the 4 seed games are over before they start. If there are three other teams in your district better than you, then you might not deserve to be in the playoffs. Not always the case but most often is. JMO
  10. mat

    Baby Back Ribs

    Sales papers come out tomorrow. I try to load up when they're on sale. 1.99 compared to 3.99 or more.
  11. Hey, its worth shot. He's in for life. What does he have to lose.
  12. I have a hard understanding how districts that big can effectively educate and meet the state standards across the board, especially areas with demographic challenges.
  13. I was impressed with his interviews and attitude all season. I can understand the frustration for the ace to not be given the chance to help the team win.
  14. As a fan I should have known they were good enough to go to Washington for a sweep but I had written them off. I should have know better.
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