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  1. How can it be their fault? Didn't Biden invite them?
  2. I understand respect your age opinion, however if the majority of the voters disagree, they should be able vote outside the preferred age group. Now, sure you understand the military age limit is for physical reasons and not mental, don’t you?
  3. 1) Ds and Rs should be able to nominate who they think is most qualified and the American people vote for who they choose, regardless of age. 2) The last two pages of this thread greatly illustrate what happened to the normal conservatives that used to post. Too much disrespect.
  4. I may complain sometime but I never regret having Entergy as our provider. (not that I have a choice)
  5. I've noticed yours and other's absence. I've tended to stay out as well for the same reasons and the disrespectful dialogue. I stepped back in the last couple days but may not last long.
  6. I agree with your statement but it doesn’t necessarily apply to citizens that claim either party.
  7. So concerning to topic of the thread; I suppose the answer is no?
  8. I'm neither a D or an R. I can't stand either party. I consider myself a moderate conservative. I can respect those concerned with immigrants and their children. I also respect their need and desire to do better here in America. I just cannot support open borders and forgoing a legal system for that to happen. I can somewhat relate with those concerned with our environment but they want to take it too far too fast. I can appreciate compassion for the rest of the world that's in need but not without putting Americans first. I respect and agree with the call to provide food f
  9. I expect him to be in the trenches with the rest of the elected officials helping get Texas through this mess. Why do you think he cut is trip short to return? He screwed up and knew it. Once again, right is right and wrong is wrong. I expect him to practice what he preaches. I like Ted and I hope this doesn't sink him.
  10. I like Ted but he screwed up and he knows it. Right is right and wrong is wrong. If it were a prominent democrat many Ted supporters would be singing a different tune.
  11. I can't imagine the usage being higher than a hot summer week during the summer.
  12. The article gave several possible reasons such as COVID for the low ratings without ever mentioning the knee, boycotts, etc.
  13. As expected, some don't like being called out. I just don't think it's considerate to be broadcasting before the coach has a chance to address his players and coworkers. My opinion is also directed towards Ashley E, the Beaumont Enterprise or any others. However, I know that's just the way things work.
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