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  1. Turnovers were key and have has plagued WO all year.
  2. Dak and the Cowboys have had me excited before after he first game of the year to only be disappoint. I'm trying to stay optimistic though on a great game today.
  3. Win or lose, LCM's tough preseason schedule will help them through district play.
  4. Mond looked terrible and and looked defeated on the sideline.
  5. WOS seams better than last year, Newton maybe not quite as good as last year (even though still a state champ contender) so I'll say WOS edges this one. Turnovers and/or penalties could be the determining factor. One thing is for sure, barring injuries, this game will make both teams better.
  6. Can't pass up scoring opportunities in a game like this.
  7. Heat in the high 90s projected for Friday and will still be hot at game time.. Conditioning will play a big role and WOS should have that strong edge. They have to hold on to the ball though.
  8. Verlander's record this season would have been even better had there been any run support in select games. It's pretty impressive to have two potential Cy Young contenders.
  9. If they don't come to terms soon, one of two things will happen as this season plays out. He either plays great and his stock will rise or doesn't play great and he will regret not jumping on the 30 mil offer.
  10. Should be good game. The fast field could a problem for LCM. However, if WOS continues to commit turnovers like last night.they may get surprised.
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