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  1. Just before school started back in August SETXSports lost the heart and soul of our online presence. Todd Broussard kept the content fresh and flowing on the website. Todd passed away due to complications from COVID. Todd was a fighter having overcome a heart transplant several years ago and he loved what he did for SETXSports. We are trying to keep up with everything, but we discover every day something else Todd did that we never knew about. For 16 years has been the only place where you could get information about all sports in Southeast Texas, not just football. The help we need is people posting scores. We are working to get things like standings and records updated, but that takes scores. We have very few people that cant be everywhere all the time so we coaches and parents to send in the scores so we have data to work with. Please know that we value each and every high school athlete, guys and girls! We just need parents letting us know about the scores. Thanks Scott Loar
  2. I just spoke to John Seybold the Jasper Superintendent. The number of kids being sent home with fever was beginning to rise. Possibly as many as 70 students on Thursday alone and they are getting additional reports this morning. Seybold consulted with County Judge Mark Allen, the Health Department and local physicians before making this decision. It was done to give the district 10 days to be closed for cleaning and disinfecting. But due to the Labor Day holiday the district will only loose 5 instructional days. This is a matter of public health and safety, no more and no less. After the loss of our site administrator to this virus we take it very seriously here at SETXSPORTS.COM and we will respect any schools decision regarding these types of decisions. It is a non-district game and that is all it was between Jasper and Silsbee. Let's all keep things in perspective when we post.
  3. Be sure to tune in tonight for SETXSPORTS.COM first football broadcast of the season. Game being played in Jasper so if you don't want to make the drive then tune in for all the action. Scott Loar will have the call tonight.
  4. A question for any West Orange Stark folks what would you think about approaching the powers that be with the idea of naming the broadcast booth in the WOS press box after Todd? Just a thought to remember Todd at the school he loved.
  5. SETXSPORTS.COM lost one of is founding members and the guy that so often kept all the things straight on the website and our broadcasts. He was in contact with coaches getting permission for our broadcasts. He kept the scoreboard updated on Friday nights. He did the previews that brought people to the website every summer getting us ready for the start of football. I am asking for a special favor from all the area schools for this weeks games. I am asking if the following could be read by PA announcers. High school sports in Southeast Texas lost a great friend last Saturday. Todd Broussard with SETXSPORTS.COM who anyone on the website knew as WOSgrad. Lost his battle with COVID-19. Todd was such an avid fan and stanch supporter of high school athletics and his presence and support will be missed in the coverage of the games that he loved with all his heart.
  6. When I started as just a member on SETXSPORTS.COM my boys were both playing football and basketball for Evadale. I was the PA announcer as well, so I signed on as Rebel Yeller. I moved to the press box at Kirbyville after my wife started teaching there. After one season I responded to an invite to do the Wildcats play by play from SETXSPORTS.COM. it was then that I began to message and talk to Todd. He has assisted me and everyone else on the website and the broadcasts. Todd and I did an entire day on air from the Evadale basketball tournament in 2019 as he was beginning to consider doing games himself. We did a Jasper game last season as well. Todd did so much and he will be missed not just because of what he did for the website , but as a great guy and a true friend. We all lost a special guy today and the impact of his loss will be felt for a long time. To Todd's wife and family our thoughts and prayers are with you. And to Todd, I hope that they have high school sports in heaven, because we know how much the athletes and the schools of South East, Texas.
  7. We at have been toying with the idea of a weekly podcast for high school football. On Tuesday nights 6 to 7:30 PM. The show would feature interviews with coaches, a look back at games played the last week and previews and predictions on games later in the week. We will have our broadcasters available and we will even have time for texted questions. We feel that this could be an enhanced version of our forums. We would need some sponsors to help us get it on the air, but we want to know what you all think and would it be something that you would support?
  8. Hey everybody, Everyone is happy to have the 2020-2021 school year in the rear view mirror. SETXSPORTS.COM did our part last year continuing to broadcast games even with limited sponsors assisting us pay the bills. That was ok and we were happy to bring the games home to everyone. But now is the time to get on board for the 2021-2022 school year and it kicks off with football the last week in August. So from now to July 15th we have our best package prices available and we are looking for old and new sponsors to join our team. You can email [email protected] to request information and we will get it right out to you. THANKS
  9. Well so far Newton, East Chambers, Silsbee, West Sabine, and Hardin-Jefferson are already in and we will be there from Bi-district all the way to the state championship for any and all of them. So its time to step up and sponsor your favorite team or teams beginning in a couple of weeks. If you or your business might be interested send an email to [email protected] or call 409 409 466-2641.
  10. SETXSPORTS.COM will be broadcasting this one live! Listen in if you can't be there or even if you are in the stands.
  11. Now that district play is upon us the need for sponsors is real and vital for SETXSPORTS to continue bringing games from across the region. We are making deals and if you are interested please call 409 466-2641. We will make your sponsorship worth your while and of course it will be appreciated by your school and the community that it represents. Call us today at 409 466-2641 and be on the broadcasts coming up this week.
  12. For the past 15 years SETXSPORTS.COM has traveled all across Texas to bring Southeast Texas teams to their loyal fans. We have had tons of great sponsors and their support has made broadcasts possible. As you can imagine the shut down and the hurricane have dried up the advertising money from many of our regular sponsors so we are asking anyone who has connections with their companies advertising department or whomever makes the decisions on expenditures. Right now we can offer some of the best rates that we have ever offered, but we need you now. We have expenses that must be paid so please pass the word. Call us at 409 466-2641.
  13. Attached to this post is the 2020-2021 2020-2021 high school sports broadcast package flyer with information that you and your company need to know about becoming an ad sponsor with We know that things are uncertain, anything having to do with schools is uncertain right now, but plans are coming together and even if it takes on a look that is different from years past it will still be high school sports and will be there. The uncertainty just means that we will not be signing contracts or accepting down payments until August 1, 2020. By that date the picture should be clear and schools should be completely cleared to begin workouts to get seasons started. This time between now and the beginning of August will allow us at to work with ad sponsors to be sure that we have exactly what they want and the package they want from the TOTAL PACKAGE covering every single broadcast we do to a customized package that is tailored to fit your business and budget. You know that this is a year that will be unique as things will be like starting from scratch. The competition will be fierce and EVERYONE will be excited to see their community, their school and their teams back in action after everything was shuttered back in March. Look over the attachment, consider the impact and contact us about joining the team! Scott Loar [email protected] One Pager 20-21.docx
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