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  1. We are not even into football playoffs, but basketball will be here before you know it! We are working on a unique package this year that we believe will go right to the heart of basketball folks. We will be looking at broadcasting some of the very best games from throughout the SETX region every Tuesday and Friday night, up to the start of district and possibly beyond. We will be looking to get as many schools involved as we possibly can, but like any other broadcast we will need sponsors to help us bring the games to the fans. You can get involved in basketball only sponsorships or we now have a unique way of getting every broadcast that we do on through our TOTAL PACKAGE promotion. If you are interested or know of a business that you think that we should contact to get involved in our broadcasts, call 409 466-2641 and speak to Scott. We are working hard to bring just as much high school sports content to our website and we need your help to make sure that these high schools and the student athletes get the recognition and credit that they deserve. So call the number above or contact Scott via email at [email protected]
  2. SETXSports would like to welcome King's Pharmacy as a sponsor for the remainder of the Lumberton Raiders football season. King's Pharmacy will be the halftime sponsor of the Lumberton Raider Marching Band as well as the football team during the game. There is still plenty of high school football action left this season and it is not too late to get your business in on all the action and if you are interested we have our new TOTAL PACKAGE that can get your business on every broadcast for the remainder of the school year. Call 409 466-2641 or email [email protected] for complete information on all the sponsorship opportunities that are available on SETXSports.
  3. Hey Round Ball Fans... We here at SETXSports are neck deep in the football season with our biggest number of broadcast games that we have ever put together, but even while football is the focus we have basketball in mind as well. The 2019-2020 season is only a couple of months away and we are looking to put together one of our most biggest packages ever for this season of basketball, just like we did for football, but we are looking at a slightly different way of bringing games to you. Even from early in the season we always have some great match ups and those surprising games where teams rise up and knock off a powerhouse. Well the plan we are putting together will have SETXSports in gyms all over Southeast Texas bringing you the very best games on Tuesdays and Fridays this season. So here is the appeal. We are looking for sponsors that want to be showcased on these broadcasts. Think about it! Almost every business is now no more than a few key strokes away from doing business anywhere in the world, so why wouldn't you want to advertise right here in Southeast Texas to people that love sports and are interested in the students of this area and the schools that they attend. The time is now to get in on the best packages and prices for your businesses. It will be upon us before we know it so call 409 466-2641 and lets talk about how you can get involved and if you would like to sponsor a specific team once they enter into district play we can discuss that too! Don't delay tip off will be here before you know it.
  4. This year SETXSPORTS is considering a basketball package that will hand pick the very best games each Tuesday and Friday. But in order to put the package together for sponsors we need to get schedules ASAP! PLEASE SEND YOURS IN COACHES as soon as you get it finalized.
  5. With football getting started this coming Thursday night with our first broadcast you might be wondering how your business might benefit from being a broadcast sponsor? Well it is easier than you might think! You can choose to sponsor a certain team or a couple of schools or you could even become a, "TOTAL PACKAGE SPONSOR" and get your business on every broadcast this regular season. In addition if you are a regular season sponsor you will be in line for the best prices on playoff sponsorship as well. Another thing that you might not have considered for your business is placing your advertisement on the SETXSports website. If you are interested the time to decide is now. We have a limited staff and we are making this appeal to get the word out to as many people and businesses as possible. If you have any interest is sponsorship, please contact me with a private message or you can email me at [email protected] The season is upon us and we have several schools in SETX that are primed to make championship runs. Take the first step in helping our schools and fans by becoming a broadcast sponsor. You will be glad you partnered with SETXSports and you know that plenty of people will get your message from the live broadcasts and from people listening to the archived games. Don't delay as time is running out. Thanks Scott Loar
  6. For anyone wanting to discuss sponsorship of broadcasts or placing advertising on the SETXSports website you can email me at [email protected] Leave me your phone number and I will get right back to you. The season starts next week, but you still have time to get in on what will be our biggest broadcast year ever. Your business can be heard and those listening will know that you are a supporter of your team and high school athletes and their sports.


    Scott Loar

  7. With tthe season upon us we are actively seeking businesses that want to advertise on the broadcasts that SETXSports has coming up this season. It is simple and you can be assured that your message will be getting out to the fans of teams that are being broadcast or even to the people that listen to any of our broadcasts! We will be covering, Silsbee, Lumberton, Newton, East Chamber & Anahuac as well as our Game of the week that will include many more teams as we seek out the best match ups in the 3A and 2A teams in the area. You can secure a place on any one of the broadcasts over you can sign up for the TOTAL PACKAGE and your commercials will be aired on all of the broadcasts. If you would like to discuss sponsorship or to schedule a meeting please message me and be sure to leave a phone number. Time is short so don't delay. You have just a couple of weeks left to get your place in the SETXSports broadcast rotations. Thanks and I look forward to getting your business on board with the very best spot for high school football coverage. Scott Loar
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