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  1. we will be back , we didn't realize we was better than faith family until we got deep in foul trouble , then its was whistle show, we didnt help ourselves neither with all the miss layups and we gotta be more discipline on the defensive end , cant be jumping with 6"10 every play , take a charge sometimes..
  2. Only thing I saw was they gave up a 18 point league when kimball started pressing 🤷🏿‍♂️.. I really watch this basketball stuff . Can’t miss me with nothing
  3. You gone be wrong don’t worry lol
  4. We beat Wos orange by 40 round 2 .. so we know which game was a fluke . And went to the plex played under they whistle (homecooking) …. We not the same team when we played in that tournament … give me us by 6
  5. Then you win by 5 against a team that’s ranked 278 in the state of Texas which is Kaufman and I know for a fact we beat them by 30 if ever play them , I like our chances … to the attic they go
  6. It was me .. you don’t stall ball with 5 mins left , he Almost robbed these kids from going to state .. you do that when it’s a min left and we up 2 possessions. Coach cool he know what comes with it . We family lol
  7. Im telling you now FF getting put in tha attic Friday They are a slower Booker Washington team .. give me us by 6. And don’t tell me about no commits they got neither.. it’s attic time !! 🥃🐅
  8. 😂😂😂He was doing too much , he was holding his nuts when he walked passed my live at half time … he got boxed in the second half .. my kinfolk number 10 put clamps on him second half !!!
  9. Most definitely we got big bottles , and put em in the attic mean , they season over with , no lights , no windows no water .. it’s over til next year or until you beat us …
  10. Lmaooo aye big steaks and potatoes on me at the hiltons
  11. Appreciate that .. that was me .. gotta keep my boys fired up
  12. Bottom row right behind tha bench , come sit with the tigers and watch us play the best game of the season
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