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  1. Wait, the Paul guy is not a good boxer. He was just more experienced than Robinson
  2. I actually thought the under card was good except for that Paul/Robinson fight. That was a bad fight but good example of the difference between a boxer and a person who thinks they can box.
  3. If you watched the Tyson/Jones Jr exhibition you will feel exactly like you thought you would with 2 all time greats in their 50’s. It wasn’t a fight. It was truly an exhibition. Of course it ended in a draw. I think Mike actually won. He still has power and Jones Jr still has very fast hands!!!! It was fun, not real, and 100% for money. It sounds like the money is for charity so that’s cool!!! Would have loved to see these 2 fight each other in their primes
  4. With the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr exhibition fight tonight, I thought I would see how many boxing fans we have. Who’s your favorite boxer? Here are mine. 1. Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker 2. Roy Jones Jr 3. Mike Tyson 4. Rocky Balboa
  5. The rules have changed the game. Football today looks like a basketball game. Up and down the field with constant stoppages. Football is such an offensive game now days that the rules dictate it. Defensive holding is an automatic 1st down but offensive holding repeats the down. The longer that football is played the worse it gets!!!
  6. Go get Coach Prouse from Deweyville or give Orangefield’s DC, Coach Davis a shot. Both are damn good coaches!!!
  7. I agree 100%. Will the other side agree is the question? I say they won't because without us, the liberals have no one to pay their bills!!!
  8. I have nothing against immigrants. If it wasn't for immigrants I wouldn't be here. I have a major problem with illegal immigrants!!! Why would illegal immigrants have rights in America? The Bill of Rights, and the rest of the constitution, was written by American's for American citizens. If illegals want rights, protection, and all of the other benefits that come with America then become a citizen.
  9. The Bill of Rights is for Americans, not illegal immigrants. The Bill of Rights protects American citizens, not illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants should not have the same rights that American citizens have. If they want rights, become American's the right way!!!
  10. At least you know what you are going to get. No telling with mail-in ballots.
  11. Illegal immigrants should get nothing expect a few nights in prison until they can be deported back to their country. They do not deserve any rights in the USA!!!
  12. Why are any votes from Wisconsin being allowed? If you know there is fraud going on do not count any vote from that state.
  13. Can someone smarter than me please make this make sense. Why is nothing being done about this?
  14. With the amount of voter fraud going on I’m sure that election has already been voted on.
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