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  1. Ty Cobb


    Crossroads opened Friday. It was fun to be bowling again!!! If you enjoy bowling come out and support the local business.
  2. This is just more proof of the lies and disgusting behavior that comes from DEMONcrats! They want the common person to believe the crap that comes out of their mouths. Knowing that it’s 100% a lie, then the common person does their dirty work. Throw in a few celebrities and bam, you have a movement.
  3. He will get my vote!!!
  4. Has anyone watched this 10 part series on the 98 Bulls? I was 22 in 98 so I lived this. It’s very good!!!
  5. Amen brother!!!
  6. I joined the NRA a couple of years ago. After a few months the organization asked for a donation to help fund the NRA and to help protect the 2nd amendment. With that donation I would receive a NRA pocket knife as a gift. I was more than happy to donate to this great American organization and I looked at the free knife as a bonus. About a week later my thank you letter and free gift appear in the mail. I read the letter and feel a sense of pride for helping to defend the 2nd amendment. My son, who is very excited about the knife, takes it out of the box, opens it and says, “dad, the knife has NRA on one side and china on the other.” Try explaining to a 7 year old why an American organization, that fights for Americans rights gives away knives that are made in china.
  7. I forgot to add that I buy Jim Beam as well, also made in America. 🥃
  8. I’m a Chevy guy but I’m willing to bet 95% of the truck is made in another country. I hope I’m wrong with that number!!! I also buy Smith & Wesson because it’s made in America!!!
  9. I’m with you Chester. What I wish would happen is all American companies come home and stop using parts/materials made elsewhere.
  10. So, since they released them due to coronavirus, do they release them again?
  11. I cannot believe what I just read. How does anyone think this is a good idea? How can the people of california allow this to happen. What happens when one of these criminals strike again? Will the governor be held accountable?
  12. Me and Michael Jordan. No, I didn’t play in the nba, heck my last year of basketball was as a freshman in high school, but MJ is the best ever. He could win even with me as a teammate.
  13. Is this really a big deal?
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