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  1. Thanks for the reply but what about the 2nd question I had. If a person has had covid how long will the antibodies stay in their body. I’m asking because I had covid at the end of Jan and into early Feb. Do the antibodies take the place of getting the vaccine?
  2. In an earlier post you stated that you received the vaccine in Jan. How long does the vaccine last? Will you or any other vaccinated person have to get another covid shot? Also, if a person has had covid and has the antibodies in their body, how long will the antibodies remain in their body?
  3. The LCM defense will be very good in a couple of years, if not sooner, and they will create turnovers. Coach Davis is a very good DC!!!
  4. This is the type of good news we’ve been waiting for. A mural for a criminal has been destroyed by Mother Nature. 🤣🙏 I can already see the headlines from the media, “Racist Mother Nature destroys mural.” “Must be Trump’s fault”
  5. Wouldn’t you hate to be these community organizers that have to knock on someone’s door and try to convince them that they must have/need this vaccine. What a crappy job. Does this job come with good insurance and hazard pay?
  6. Are we really the UNITED States of America anymore? As of the last couple of years, I would answer no. The States are very divided on many issues, but none more than what this country was made of. Good people with Christian beliefs. To be 100% honest, Im more proud to be a Texan than I am to be an American.
  7. Instead of arresting these DEMONcrat, piece of crap politicians, I wish we could just ban them from ever entering the great state of TEXAS again. Leave their sorry butts in dc.
  8. If I see this charge on my check I will never return to that business.
  9. Spin it however you want, forcing a company to interview based on race is racist!!!
  10. The same can be said about the Rooney rule in the nfl. Teams MUST interview a person, for a coaching position, that is not white before they can hire anyone. How on earth is this not a racist rule?
  11. Let’s make it a 2 for 1 Reagan. My card is up for sale as well.
  12. Man you scared me. I don’t wNt to lose Gallup but I can’t see anyway they can pay him. Here’s the problem with the early trade deadline in the nfl, which I think is either week 6 or 8. If the COWBOYS are playing well they won’t trade him and will then lose him to free agency. Which of course means they get nothing for him.
  13. The word on the street is that the Hamshire Fannett coach is taking the Lumberton job. Any truth to this or is it just rumors?
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