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  1. All I know is this may be Coach E best squad. 12 seniors that have been together in summer AAU ball too. Hope they make a good run. Toughest 5A district i bet in the state or near the toughest.
  2. Rayburn Hebert and point guard Walker Britten led the Cardinals with 9 points a piece. Lincoln Breaux had 8 points and 6 rebounds for Bridge City while Ethan Oceguera chimed in with 7 points and 11 boards. Britten added 4 rebounds for the Cardinals. Cardinal guard Aiden Gutierrez helped seal the game with a pair of free-throws with 0:07 remaining
  3. Ethan Oceguera led the Cardinals (2-3) with 21 points while Walker Britten had 15. Rayburn Hebert chimed in with nine points and Lincoln Breaux contributed eight. The Cardinals return to action Tuesday when they play host to Buna.
  4. Nederland is real. 12 seniors on that squad. Coach E got that going early.
  5. BC scoring leaders Walker Britten 19 pts Aiden Gutierrez 17 points Fernando Rodriguez 13 pts
  6. Happy that a BMT guy gets to play close to home and represent his family and the 409. Much success TA and congrats to his parents, family as well. You raised a good kid!
  7. For the record this thread post was created by someone else not me. I am Chuck that coaches the OC Warriors (cb3plus3)
  8. WOS- Wardlow, Anderson (Big Center) LCM- Morris, Elliott, Wynn OF- Wrinkle/s, Sampson, Ragusa BC- Britten, Collins, Ocegara PNG- Eberhardt Nederland- Olson
  9. WOS has 3 definite playmakers. Wardlow and Anderson are going to be special this year and the big Center is geared for big things too.
  10. LCM will be top 3 or 4 in the league unless injury or some extracurricular event occurs which is always a chance, BC most likely not in top 4 and I have a kid on the team. We are reloading this year. Lot of talented shooting guards but will lack size and experience. I believe BC will make an upset or two but its definitely a rebuild year for us.
  11. I have a kid on BC and agree with this except i think LCM has the talent to be the 3rd or 4th place representative. Unsure if it translates to wins but i have coached a lot of kids on that team in Summer AAU ball for years and no reason they shouldn't be in the top 3.
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