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  1. yes i do Hike i do understand ,i love it when we start poken fun you are a dear friend i will never let that go. ps did i win state in the spelling contest yet are is it still going on go astros
  2. Amen ladybug33 , i love reading about the wo-s football program i got the Houston Post and the Dallas news both that papers talk very hi lee about the top 10 programs in all classes in the state. i will not talk about what they say about 4A find out for themselves
  3. hay bro i love you to i am the champ so now you can end the spelling bee bull everyone already knows how bad i am i will add you to the long line that's the name of my next book
  4. best seller Hike its going to be better than Friday night lights my agent has already have over 200 book stores to let us supply the book ,baby i am going to be one rich man and i own it in part to you my friend
  5. a buy weak for the mustangs man lookers like they need it they need to get some of there kids well saw a few hobbling around after the game Friday. this well be also a week they can use on working on teams they might meet in the playoffs that are big they used it agents curio in the state finials way back they were hugs. smiles coach Thompson has his cattle grazing on it i have been told you all know he is a big time cattle man and on weekends he has his team riding bulls lol lol lol lol
  6. with the week off the coaches will start working on not a new defense but one they used to get around the big offence lines they will meet in the playoffs. 10-4 like also the sign on the fence said we got upset on our mind
  7. 112% true blue i wish to thank you for the very kind message to me God Bless
  8. its called thompson 50 defence dont take away what the kids did last night i belive there qb ran for his life could you see that
  9. wow the speed was just out of this world they were all over the place and man some head hunting was going on.
  10. i better leave been fun no i am not the weathermanđź’©đź’©
  11. 2 started what we were told will try to find out tonight from coach dyer
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