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  1. I make the assessment by playing all 3 teams in the conversation. Jasper has a really good defense and so does Bellville. We played Carthage at home, Bellville at a neutral site and Jasper in Jasper. You can call it whatever you want but from what I saw playing all 3 teams Carthage is better than Jasper defensively. It’s not an insult to Jasper or Bellville. Most people who have played or watched Carthage compare their defense to the 83 Dangerfield defense. Regardless of where they rank all time it is the best defense we played against this year.
  2. We definitely had an uncharacteristically poor night catching the football especially early in the game. We started the year without a viable running back and our best option was dismissed from the team week 5. Against good defenses like Jasper and Bellville it put too much on our passing game especially the O Line. We knew going in against Bellville we needed to score every possession to have a chance. The score was more of a reflection of Reese and Briggs explosiveness than anything. We would have several good plays on defense but one mistake and they can take it to the house. I don’t remember a series that they didn’t have at least one play of 30 plus yards. Those are killers for a defense. We played a relatively clean game offensively against Carthage but they play such sound defensive technique and are so fast at every level that you rarely get many yards even on good plays. They are not as good overall as they were last year but they are better defensively. They will need to play their starters all four quarters, unlike last year, but I don’t see them losing to anyone.
  3. It’s definitely irrelevant. We, Rusk, scored 14 on Carthage in the first half. Jasper’s defense is not at Carthage’s level. Every game is different. Jasper and Bellville are equally good defensively.
  4. GAME DAY!!! Luckily the new shoes we ordered for our defense have arrived.
  5. I would imagine every team that plays Carthage will feel like the played their worst game all season. They don’t give up many points and even fewer yards. Definitely a hard nut to crack. 14 points is a good night against that defense.
  6. And if our game with Carthage would have ended at halftime we would have won 14-7. The talent at Center is rarely an issue. Playing up to their talent is the problem. Once that starts happening Center will be a powerhouse
  7. Center definitely played a much tougher non district schedule. There probably is very little difference between Rusk and Center. Even the slightest difference can have one team sitting at home 1-9 and another playing in the second round of the playoffs at 9-2. Every little bit matters in Texas HS football I guess.
  8. I don’t believe we have anyone on the team as fast as Briggs or Reese but we do have a lot of speed on the team.
  9. I will be pulling for y’all also. How cool would a rematch be in the Regional game? Both teams will definitely need their “A+” game this week for it to happen.
  10. 🤦‍♂️ I need to figure out these new words and what they mean. “Decent” and “Best” have obviously been redefined.
  11. If you score 49 points but only win by 3 it doesn’t seem like an offense problem. Win by 3 and only score 3 would be more of an issue.
  12. Yes, y’all played above average defense that evening. I don’t guess I could call it great since we struggle against any decent defense. I guess Carthage’s defense is only average since we scored 14 against them. BTW it’s nice that you keep the big zero points scored game fresh in my memory. I would hate to forget it 🤮
  13. Crawford said we won’t score 40 or maybe even 30 against a “decent” defense based on the Center game. Salado gave up 49 to us, 32 to Grandview, 48 to Stephenville and China Spring. Their other games were 0, 0, 6, 6, 7, 14 and 7. I don’t know how they rank on the scale but it’s probably better than decent. If y’all plan on holding us under 40 you better have a really good defense. I guarantee a “decent” defense won’t get it done.
  14. Salado’s defense was way better than decent.
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