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  1. CS wanted it early in the day for their kids. CS wanted to flip for the time so Rusk countered with 6 am and CS said no. They settled on 7:00pm without the coin toss. Just setting up to meet for the coin toss started the disagreements.
  2. They left out the part about CS insisting on a 10:00am Saturday start. We graduate on Friday and our kids were wanting to go to “project grad”. Not friendly is an understatement. This game is going to be very interesting
  3. I guess y’all should have done some chest beating after the first two rounds.
  4. Those coin tosses have to feel somewhat like this
  5. FYI. You guys only get 1 last “scrub team” in this playoff run. After this week we are going to see, as you said, how good Bellville really is. 9-1 in 17 4A ain’t easy, as you will soon find out. I really do hope y’all make it to the finals.
  6. Lol. Why not? All I’ve heard is Rusk shouldn’t be ranked so if we beat anyone I’m excited!!! We are the 4A Cinderella story. I’m sure now that we have to play the actual good teams it will end so I have to brag while I can.
  7. The “over ranked” Eagles of Rusk push their win streak to 10 games. Thompson 7IP, 0H, 1BB, 13k, 3-0 Shutout in game 1. Cirkel 7IP, 1H, 1BB, 7K, 3-0 Shutout in game 2.
  8. Rusk beat La Grange 3-0, 3-0.
  9. Diamond Pro/THSB 4A Top 25 (Apr 25) 1. Sinton (24-1) 2. Boerne (25-3) 3. Corpus Christi Calallen (20-6-1) 4. Argyle (22-3-1) 5. Celina (20-3-1) 6. China Spring (21-7) 7. Longview Spring Hill (23-2) 8. Sweeny (22-4) 9. Bellville (20-4) 10. Orangefield (21-1-1) 11. Canyon Lake (21-6) 12. Corpus Christi Tuloso-Midway (21-5) 13. Texarkana Pleasant Grove (17-9) 14. Andrews (17-6) 15. Stephenville (16-7-1) 16. Midlothian Heritage (21-5-1) 17. Rusk (11-12) 18. Needville (20-4) 19. Aubrey (19-7-1) 20. Geronimo Navarro (17-9) 21. Livingston (15-3-1) 22. Silsbee (18-5) 23. Lake Belton (18-7) 24. Carthage (15-8-2) 25. Rockport-Fulton (17-7) Posted on: April 25th, 2022 by admin
  10. So you’re saying the left is right. I didn’t peg you as a libtard.
  11. Mason Cirkle doesn’t get much attention behind JD but I would give him the ball against anybody. There aren’t many #2’s better in my opinion
  12. I’d be thrilled if the one that lost showed up but I’m expecting the other one. If things go well for mine and yours respective teams we could be looking at a “rubber match”.
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