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  1. Warren has their guy. Interviews were conducted last week. Just out of respect of my source, not saying who.
  2. Metroplex move might be too late. I would assume buying and selling a home would be tough on a coach. I think the Head Coach could be taken care of with all the resources BH has but his assistants would be the tough part. Head Coach of that caliber with uncertainty of bringing in his coaches has to be a turnoff. And your coordinators would be first in line for your old job. I like the idea of Lovejoy/Georgetown/Pioneer but I think it has to be closer to home. There are some Purple Indians who have the same emphasis you're talking about. Rumblings are Offense is the emphasis but it
  3. I think you heard what I heard. Everyone is excited for The Friends Reunion, why wouldn't Barbers Hill fans be excited for an early 90s offense?
  4. QB Sneak? So you're saying the QB lined up under center 80% of the time? I will disregard and ignore all your comments for lack of football knowledge.
  5. Can someone clear this up. Did TW leave because he was forced out or is he running for the Hill country because of the superintendent? His son is not taking over which was the plan all along. When he left for Whitehouse it raised some red flags. Something has been brewing.
  6. I bet they reached out to Surratt. And he informed them that he already makes that much money. Who's next? Wouldn't think John Kay but Westerberg left Allen. Maybe they should go after a smaller school coach. What about Chris Koetting? Head coach of Canadian.
  7. I met Stan once, I left the conversation excited... meaning I was excited to leave the conversation. In doing my research, looks like Stan the man was 6-23. The successful year of beating Mexia was under Carpenter. Brandon Carpenter the new coach at Klein Oak. Jesus was also a carpenter. So it will probably take another carpenter for Longhorns to be relevant in football, either Jesus or Brandon doing charity work.
  8. I didn't realize Tarkington was 3a now. Do we consider Tarkington SETX? If so, can we go ahead and recommend Lance Dale to the Tarkington School Board?
  9. There has to be some blame on Admin for the lateness. The coaches carousel will happen and coaches will do whatever they think is best for themselves. The lateness has to be an administrative issue most likely money and bureaucracy. When was Humble officially opened? It feels like a month. Now, Splendora is going through the process at the end of school and how many coaches are going with him? Hopefully they have someone in mind and hire quickly and Humble hires the coaches going with Shultz quickly. I hate seeing jobs come open late because it ultimately hurts the athletes. Admin should
  10. Cross Country coaches are not football coaches because it's during the same season. Only knew a few football coaches who coached cross country and they were doing the AD a favor because they couldn’t find another coach. Like I said to Dayton, we can agree to disagree on the skill level of T&F. My point about track was they reproduce the same physical movement over and over in competition. Other sports have more variants that require continuous adjustments, adaptations and reactions (relays have some). 100m will always be 100m and so on with every running event. All vertical and
  11. I've seen plenty of old film, and I hate to break it to you Uncle Rico's living in 1985 (1975 for PNG fans), but tackling wasn't that great back in the day. Some down right atrocious at times. Offense didn't use space like the offensives of today. More space = advantage offense. Offensive athletes are starting in that at the position because guess what, they can make the big play. Good offensive players are going to make people miss. Bad offensive players don’t get the ball. Every school at every level has guys that can run through tackles or make people miss.
  12. If DK Metcalf trained to be a professional sprinter he would weigh less than 210 lbs. He’s 6’3 235 right now. Bolt was 6’5 207 for reference. Fred Kerley 6’3 205 is a good comparison. You are right, track athletes have “physical” skill or athletic ability. But I classify skill as in hitting, shooting, catching, defending, and passing/throwing to name a few. Anything that requires adjustment, reaction, adaptation, and combination of different body functions to perform a task. I see track as a continuous replication of physical activity with the skill level being low because of limited adju
  13. Nothing to see here. Run fast and turn left, jump over anything in the way. That takes a lot of skill (sarcasm). Football should not be compared to track. Devils Advocate: Track requires the least amount of coaching and team cohesion. 99% of high school track coaches are all football coaches 1st.
  14. I personally don't know the guy but that was shady. Watched his teams play solid defense and I think he's probably a good coach. But I wouldn't want that guy leading athletic department. Have some fam that will be going to the new school, and I want the best for them.
  15. Maybe WOS needs to audition for QB! Even with the defense, if you can't run and pass you limit your chances to win all the games. Wasted talent is not fun to watch. I've done that too much lately.
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