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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. Way over hyped? Yup…still butthurt. Vidor keeps it simple during scrimmages. But I wouldn’t expect a football illiterate like yourself to comprehend. I’d worry more about packing for all those road games than over hyped Vidor!
  2. Freshman @ 4p JV @ 5p Varsity @ 6p Pads will definitely be popping...Always a good test for both teams.
  3. Vidor @ BC..... F/JV - 5p, Varsity - 6:30p (I think times are correct)
  4. Lcm, BC, WOS or Jerry's world... don't think playing site will make that much of a difference 😁
  5. Reading between the lines.... already looking for excuses if the season is subpar due to playing off campus.
  6. I'm hearing that lcm is delaying the start of school so all teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and administration can work on the field.
  7. It was soooo much fun playing North Shore and the Baytown schools and not to mention WB and Central.
  8. It's 2022....Can't be playing football on grass
  9. That one time at band camp...."I bench 400lbs."
  10. Herpes....just when you think its gone.... BAM! I bench 400lbs lol
  11. Yesterday vs the AL 16's was uncharacteristic for this team. Pitching was not as sharp. I look for them to bounce back today vs Del Rio (10am). Win play again at 5:30.... I think.
  12. Lady with an OU profile pic…debatable
  13. 7/21 - Mid-County over Wharton, TX 11-0. Next game for Mid-County is 7/21 @ 3pm vs Alabama 16's
  14. I only answer to people who bench 400+
  15. People that have no business making decisions, made decisions lol
  16. Has to be a monster truck.... only type of vehicle that could carry those big muscles
  17. Back in the 90s…Nederland had some long grass lol
  18. You’re older cause you’ve been on a message board longer? And I could careless about how much you can bench….Very irrelevant.
  19. Vidor’s is not much or pretty but it can get kids out of the elements for a make shift practice.
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