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  1. 9/28 Silsbee vs Lumberton @Lumberton BC vs Vidor @Vidor Nederland vs HF @HF Jasper vs Anahuac @Anahuac LCM Bye 10/5 Lumberton vs Jasper @Jasper Vidor vs Nederland @Nederland HF vs Silsbee @Silsbee LCM vs Anahuac @Anahuac BC Bye 10/12 Jasper vs HF @HF Silsbee vs Vidor @Vidor Anahuac vs Lumberton @Lumberton LCM vs BC @BC Nederland Bye 10/19 Anahuac vs BC @BC Nederland vs LCM @LCM Vidor vs Jasper @Jasper HF vs Lumberton @Lumberton Silsbee Bye 10/26
  2. Silsbee vs Lumberton @Lumberton Bridge City vs Vidor @Vidor Nederland vs HF @HF Jasper vs Anahuac @Anahuac LCM Bye
  3. I'll take my Pirates in this one (I NEVER pick against my Pirates). This years team seems to have it both physically and mentally. A good combo to have...Never out of the fight! Pirates 37 Jasper 29
  4. If Chevron expands to Orange Co. then area could see a significant increase in population.
  5. Is Jasper playing Carthage this week....NO! Take is somewhere else!
  6. I'm going with the Georgia commit and his brother who is being recruited by everyone....Kinkaid
  7. 9/21/2021 Schedule Silsbee vs Jasper @ Jasper Vidor vs LCM @ LCM HF vs BC @ BC Lumberton vs Nederland @ Nederland Anahuac Bye
  8. If it was some kind of political statement or whatever you want to call it...so be it. But it must SUCK to be that person.
  9. Fort Bend Christian Academy (2-1) from Sugar Land, TX will travel to Vidor this Friday night to take on the Pirates (3-0).
  10. FBCA is 2-1 on the season. Both QB's have a decent arm and can escape, RB looks good on film, OL has good size.
  11. We are all just happy to be able to play football in the same general vicinity as the mecca of football
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