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  1. Bobcats0809 your opinion matters to......NO one! Vidor sports will NOT be folding anytime soon cause "Vidor's fans make it impossible to root for them". Orangefield is only on the map cause they play in a district against WOS. Other than that....Orangefield who????
  2. I guess I can brag a little being from Vidor and not one of those other OC teams (besides WOS in football). Habit, saying what others are thinking...whatever you want to call it.
  3. Again, move along wannabe Charles. NO one wants to hear your geography lesson.
  4. I'm the least serious amongst this group. My philosophy is....if you can't take it, don't dish it out. FYI...I'd rather be called "East Bmt" than West Orange 😉
  5. Keep beating your mea...I mean drums little drummer boy.
  6. "I Laff 2. No Ls?" I do not follow what you are trying to say. If you are trying to saying you have been mopping up by beating Vidor for years...please tell me where I said conditioning has anything to do with winning and losing? I'll wait.
  7. Move along Mr. Majestyk. Only person laughing at your comment is an lcm and tiger fan. Both chalked up "L's" playing Vidor.
  8. NOT a better condition team in the area!!!
  9. "Opened some eyes", caught teams by surprise...The real test starts now. Teams know what you're bringing to the table.
  10. Non-Vidorians always know more about Vidor and their football team. Yeah, Vidor is losing a few studs but who they have coming back and who will be filling their spots...Vidor is going to be A-Ok!
  11. I think you've been dropped on your melon one to many times. Vidor and HH just going thru the motions...huh? Well that "motion" won a DC and nearly beat Ch with a very depleted roster. Before you come back with who went further in the playoffs...blah blah blah...Remember that Vidor took it to lcm on their field when both teams where at full strength.
  12. Vidor...Def. returning a good group of LB's and Secondary...Off. will have some playmakers and speed at the RB positions.
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