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  1. Stopping the QB for Vidor will be a problem for most teams...physical and fast. Along with 2 RB's with speed. Defensively...LB's and Secondary will both be strong.
  2. People live and die by rankings. Pretty sure lcm was ranked in the top 10 when Vidor rolled into town and beat that _ _ _! Track speed and football speed are completely different. Never watched a full contact track meet.
  3. Pirates lost a few but have a really good core group of guys returning. The young man that will be under center is a beast (played LB last year). Defensively, LB's and secondary will be strong.
  4. May be wrong but I believe most of the young men on Sinton played for the Sand Crabs select organization....and man oh man could those kids play! Like watching a well oiled machine.
  5. Cool. Livingston rode his arm as long as they could. He's been damn near untouchable all year. Sooner or later someone would get to him. He'll have a good career at UofH.
  6. Guess we'll never know cause l-town is/was sitting on the couch
  7. Game against Vidor he sat at 90 most of the night. Breaking ball is sharp and breaks late. Has good command of the inner and outer parts of the plate. Will give pitches to hit...be aggressive early in the count. AND be ready to call time! He likes to take his time on the mound to make hitters uncomfortable.
  8. HJ has good pitching. Hunter Hill big, tall lefty can deal.
  9. 2 DI pitchers at BC…Who? Guess I missed them pitch the 2 times BC & Vidor played 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. Baseball thread. Guess reading is not a strong point in Lumberton
  11. Maybe so, maybe not. If you let us know when Lumberton plays maybe we can catch a game
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