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  1. Watched first half, was really surprised to see Coldsprings in it as much as they were considering all I have been hearing about how good East Chambers was. That game would have been really interesting had Coldsprings still had their big kid. Watched him play a few times this year and he was pretty dominant in the paint. I don’t think EC would have had anyone to manage him.
  2. He broke his arm in two places. Kid was a decent role player for them and he had just knocked down a 3. What’s worse is no foul called and they got a layup out of the play. When clearly the Diboll player grabbed all arm and essentially took him to the ground hard. That particular referee was HORRIBLE all night. Fouled out Tarkington’s best defensive player on a block with less 2 mins left and Horns only down by one.
  3. FYI, Tarkington @ New Waverly today 2:30pm makeup district game due to Covid
  4. You would be incorrect. They never stopped pressing. Honestly the game should have been much closer. Tarkington missed a ton of shots around the rim. Coldsprings’ big man was the deciding factor in that game. He had a ton of rebounds and put backs.
  5. TF was for HJ #22 walking over the top of HH #40 that he knocked down and scored on. All the while talking the whole time he did it. It was a shame too, because 22 is a strong fundamental player, but he missed the rest of the first half because of it. Unbiased opinion, it was probably the right call at the time to keep the game under control.
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