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  1. Stanford is a straight up guy. I believe he understands the quality of life of students from the age of 19 to death is more important than a football game. It is all about priorities and hopefully it is a life lesson.
  2. I think you have fairly assessed. The only thing I would correct is the assessment of Stewart as a track kid playing running back. He is a running back with speed. You are correct he is different from the AMC back who is a power back. He is a patient back. Some backs run full speed to the called hole in the line. He is patient for the holes to open and is deceptively strong. He is a quality back and his backup is a tough runner. Our OL is down a step from last year and they are going to open up some holes. I do expect the Tigers to try to have sustained drives to reduce the number of possessio
  3. They could have had same issue 🤷‍♂️
  4. Someone posted on another board. The school calendar is correct and four players did not make their grades. The kids were ineligible for the Texas City game, but were eligible for the PNG game as TISD was off all week for Thanksgiving (UIL allows kids to play during the holidays). As school is in session this week, they are again ineligible. They were eligible for the Fulshear game as it was played on Thursday and grades came out Friday. Not sure exactly how it works, but I suspect they regain eligibility next Friday. Makes the task Friday harder for sure. Hope this answers the questions and q
  5. I don’t live in the area, so have no clue. Have no clue if any players out with grades. Another possibility is they broke team rules and are being benched. Honestly too far removed from the program. Thanks to live-streaming, have been able to watch 11 of 12 games. My views are through the lens of a camera held by a student in all but the PNG game.
  6. I’m too far removed from the school to have any knowledge of the “players are out for grades” comments. I have no idea if there is any truth. I do know the school enforces the rules. Last year the QB tested the rule and sat for 3 weeks. Insert McHenry into the QB position and it was his job the rest of the way. The old QB became a pretty salty WR. Stanford is more interested in his players being productive members of society after football than winning a game (and yes if we work as a TEAM we can win). Many of these kids are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Don’t care for some of the innuendos.
  7. If the game is within 7 at half, I like the Tigers chances. The D coordinator has done a great job making the adjustments at half. Most of the second half points have come against backups (sure same holds true for Crosby). Addressing a couple of previous comments, there seems to be too much focus on our D-line not having a lot of sacks against PNG. The week before Crippen was 25-30 in passing. Against Texas High, he went 16 - 39 per the PA News. It would seem to my untrained eyes, the rush did it’s job. In addition there were a number of running plays that the DL chased the rusher on the edge
  8. I was referring to the fact you gave up 50 to AMC and HAD to score 50. Tigers haven’t HAD to score north of 25 to win a game. Yes, that may change Friday (25).
  9. That’s because we haven’t given up 50 points.😎 Could have easily hung 50 on PNG, but there was no need. Shut it down after 3 quarters. I think the Crosby offense will be tested. Likewise, the Tiger defense will be tested. Question to be decided Friday - which one passes the test.
  10. I think it will be incumbent on the Tiger defense to make stops and disrupt your offense. Think the race is to 35. We have successfully handled your district mates that were averaging in excess of 35 ppg on offense. Crosby is a different animal and after last year they should be prepared. If you score 52, you have earned the win.
  11. Actually we have three common opponents, which is unusual. Crosby 57 Texas City 28 Texas High 31 Texas City 0 I am interested in the Crosby district mates that have played the Tigers, honest assessment. I think your opening comments are fair. The key for Texas High will rest with the 11 that brought them to this point - the defense. They don’t need to over commit as they did last year. I think one of the interesting battles will be the Cougar passing game versus the Tiger’s secondary. I am impressed that Myles only has 3 interceptions. He will be facing an opportunistic group th
  12. Weasel, I am not hiding behind a computer screen. I am not condoning the hit. It was a penalty properly called by the officials in my opinion, but not a “targeting” subject to ejection. The THS player did not lead with his helmet, but I was a late block from behind. I have no idea of conversations players were having during the game. But I suspect if words were exchanged, both were guilty of engaging in the banter. By your detail knowledge l have to assume it was your kid. I hope he recovers. I hate it when a team loses they claim the other team did not play fair. PNG had a young team and a br
  13. If we are talking about the play where the THS QB scrambled on the THS sideline and a Tiger WR was coming back to block. The QB was out of bounds and the WR hit the PNG late (he was injured and appeared to be favoring an arm). Watched the replay three times. Sorry I did not see targeting. Never led with the helmet. It was a late hit and a penalty was properly assessed. Until that point, I thought both teams played football without the drama. It became chippy from that point and the officials dealt with it with both teams.
  14. Texas High v Crosby Friday 7:30 Abe Martin, Lufkin
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