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  1. Maybe that's why deweyville never won a playoff game before this year. You fellas seem a little soft. Too much sugar in the tank?
  2. Lol. Well bless your heart sweetie Tenaha by 30+.
  3. Calm down snowflake. You say you wanted a conversation but get your panties twisted when someone tries to counter your opinion? It's ok precious. Go find a safe space. I'm sure the mean man didn't mean to hurt your feewings.
  4. You have watched 2AD2 football before? You do understand the impact of losing a 2 way starter? What if that 2 way starter is the best player on the team and the team leader? Cushing wasn't Cushing without that middle linebacker/fullback. Their entire offense was centered on establishing him in the run game.
  6. Tenaha's front 7 is anchored by Junior 6'2" 210 pound linebacker Jeremy Patton. He holds offers from Oklahoma State, Kansas, Baylor, and TCU. CHILTON AINT BULLDOZING NOTHING.
  7. Chilton covered 60 yards in 3 plays. Now they're choking on offense. Deweyville needs to wake up
  8. The guy doing the kogt broadcast is top notch. Excellent quality broadcast there.
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