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  1. Once again the CDC moves the goalposts but expects us to trust them.
  2. Daily Mail US (@DailyMail) Tweeted: COVID vaccines are not as effective at preventing hospitalizations as first thought CDC admits
  3. Buddy the score doesn't even reflect how bad it was.
  4. They play each other again apparently. Do better next time.
  5. Basically started this looking for help finding curvey crooked roads down in yall neck of the woods. Any suggestions? Where would you go drive a sports car? Tight turns maybe some hills or some scenery.
  6. Yep. Because even at 500 a pound that equals $7k. More to the actual story.
  7. Made the ride up to the pig trail today. Staying in eureka springs. Everything is closed down. Tourist town but a lot of the good restaurants are closed.
  8. 14 pounds seems a tad bit....excessive. I'm definitely not anti THC, in fact I'm all for responsible private use and I own a home in Colorado. But dang smokey....14 pounds? Wtf.
  9. Replication crisis. That's what has made me question the "science".
  10. Now that you mentioned it I heard yours was gonna be outta work when onlyfans shuts down.
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