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  1. HJ HAWKS! WHO KNEW! This is a 2020 team of cohesive warriors that persevere and fight hard for these victories! Great fans, good kids and loads of hard work and obvious determination are making this season too exciting! GO HAWKS!
  2. HJ mom here. The HJ/BC game on Saturday night was awesome. Our players were sleepers the first half, for sure. The perseverance and athleticism, in addition to good coaching was exciting to watch. I love all levels of football, starting on the founding board of the West Beaumont Bulldogs in the WBBIFL where my son started Flag, playing until he aged out. Now he is in his Senior year at HJ as the Center and on the defensive line. So we have attended many games through the years. We attend NCAA games every year, bowl games, NFL games, etc. I love the comaraderie, I even love the trash ta
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