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  1. Just admit you barely won because Hull just isn't that good. Biden 2020
  2. Ready to see Vidor whip some Tiger tail! Biden 2020
  3. Just enforce the laws we already have, no need to make more. Biden 2020
  4. That's rude, why are you so ticked? Biden 2020
  5. Too easy to get regular people caught up in this, that's why I say no. Biden 2020
  6. Lumping everyone together is not ok, there are people out there who are not rioting. Start taking our rights away and it could be you next. Slippery slope. And you didn't answer my question. Biden 2020
  7. No let it play out, everyone should get a fair trial. But I bet he is guilty.
  8. Headline reads Protesting, not rioting. And what is that supposed to mean?
  9. Still doesn't make it ok to kneel on his neck till he died. Biden 2020
  10. The right to vote should only ever be taken away for very serious offenses. Definitely not for exercising your first amendment rights. Un American. Biden 2020
  11. Why did you say that? Or are you calling me fat or something? You don't know me. It was gibberish, some other people on here said similar things about it. I have to watch the whole thing because I'm a liberal, but the conservatives on here don't have to? Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Biden 2020
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