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  1. We don’t have them but got an army of tough country boys. The only thing that will slow us down a bit is the team having to learn a new offense and defense in the middle of a pandemic. Y’all wait and see the results!
  2. Hardin will give em a run for it this year! Gonna pound the rock and play some real D! Got our own studs in this special group.
  3. Seems like it will make it really darn easy to transfer to a neighboring district who offers online learning and justify it because your current district doesn’t offer it equally. bad news!
  4. No one cares about the Ivy League as long as Texas High School Football is going! All that matters.
  5. All of the above. This group is special been that way since Pee Wee ball.
  6. The Offensive Coordinator is Steve Firmin He was at Hardin good luck coach. Gonna need it with that schedule. Interesting game Oct. 2nd
  7. Barrier knows our expectations going to do a great job! Finally some good coaching going on you wait and see. Plus is able to bring in his guys. Will be a world of difference with much needed discipline.
  8. Can we end all this talk on haynes? He is down the road and surely happy. Lets see what Barrier can do. I feel they are gonna whip EC and put Anahuac back in there place. We all know this team should be 8-3.. anything less is unacceptable with the talent level of these Hornets So excited for change and some real coaching! Time to get the boys program back on track!
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