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  1. Yep, good hit, and he’s a good good kid. I’m happy he got the win. Best of luck in B-ball.
  2. BMT, ok, fair enough. Your words are appreciated. I will indeed lay off. In my defense. Our team has spent this week respecting Silsbee and their program. I went online, early in the week, looking for a feed to watch this game. This site and thread showed up. I recognize and admit, my posting has been intended to rub a bit of salt. I apologize if it went too far. I am a football fan, like you, I mean no disrespect to your kids and school. They are top notch.
  3. Thank you, I will bring my leash. I’m 99% certain it will keep me out of the Tarrant County bed and breakfast.
  4. One guy posted that Christian Marshall #9 being knocked out was with the 10 bucks of admission. He’s 16 years old. A junior in a high school. Another stated that he and our QB are homosexual. Honestly, a bit of trolling is what’s prescribed here.
  5. ? I suggest you do the same and look back through my comments. I have typed absolute nothing vulgar or offensive to anyone. I have not eluded to any of your players being homosexual or that our community is “homosexual”. I’m going to guess that you, personally, had no part. However, that isn’t the reality of this weeks discussion. I know Thus because I have ready this. I’m sure you are a very respectful person. I’m sure most are. However, a bit of “trolling” as it’s been called is warranted, in my opinion. Ample amounts of giving on this thread, not so great at taking. In the end, I don’t want to be rude. You guys have a great team and program. The point of this is to point out that perhaps you can give a bit of respect as well.
  6. Post it then. If you are displeased with this “trolling”. Do a bit better next season regarding your online discussion of others. They might be reading along, and may have a bit of concise dialogue to add.
  7. Lol. Maybe. We will play for it, but you, you will not.
  8. Dude, or Bruh? Because I went online searching for a website to watch the game and this crap. I watched you clowns talk all week. I watched, read and waited. I had and still have respect for your team and program. Test is not what I’ve seen from this website and your dans/alumni/etc. I thought you might benefit from a bit of trollin. Perhaps your crew will be a bit mite respectful moving forward?
  9. You are correct. I probably won’t troll if we lose. It’ll suck, No doubt, but that’s next Friday, and you guys won’t be there regardless. if this trolling torques you off, good. You deserve it.
  10. Btw, they have a 72 hour cancellation policy. It’s not tough. You can book and pay for a room ( provided you can afford it😂), then cancel, within 72 hours, if needed.
  11. Nope. Again, you are wrong. It’s booked, weeks ago. Why? Because I’m smart. Smarter than you, for sure. I believed we would win, and we did! Crazy right! Nah.
  12. Yep. Enjoy the trolling fellas. You deserve it. no matter what you think, you’ve had a Busy week running your mouths (perhaps a fingers is a better description). Your team lost. Know you get to endure a touch of humility. I believe it will be good for you.
  13. Yes, it sounds like we do. I like freeze tag as well....I wonder if Texan TV streams it?
  14. Perhaps you should track this thread? My rooms at the Gaylord. D1 MD’s don’t stay at the quality.
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