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  1. Read the comment above you, it says why they moved
  2. East Chambers is a great school, not just academics but athletics as well. For a small school they compete at at high level in any extra curricular activities
  3. So your telling me you don't think he'd start for Central or Ozen before the merge?
  4. Recruit? Or wanted to go to a good school district? Who would want to go from playing in a 5A team to playing in 3A
  5. EC has speed just don't know much about Lumberton or how their offense matches up against EC's defense
  6. Thoughts on this game? EC vs 4A d1 Lumberton. Don't think these two ever played each other. By how much will the Bucs win lol
  7. EC always has talent and great coaching staff. I just wonder how they match up with a bigger school like Lumberton even though they play HF, HJ in pre season
  8. EC wins easy. Anahuac has talent and a good coach but not enough for EC
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