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  1. Beaumont United selections: MVP :Terrance Arceneaux Defensive MVP: Trelyn Porshia New Comer : Kade Dotson 1st Team all District: Wesley Yates III Kendris Henry , Clarence Payia
  2. Max Preps has updated there rankings with United being Nationally ranked 26 and only 5A team in Texas in top 50.
  3. I would post Uniteds selections but I will wait on them to do 1st....I can say this....All the starters got something as well as the 1st freshman off the bench
  4. Everyone has something bad to say when in your feelings. I watched just this past weekend that the 3 main players from Kimball shook hands with Yates while in attendance at Spring Ice Breaker @ C.E.King Highschool and as well saying Congrads. I had a different respect for them after I seeing that.
  5. How can you go 31-0 and Win State and still finish the season #2 behind a team that lost in the semis against the team they beat for the Ship. Regardless of the score or who United played they won. Does that count for anything?
  6. Green put together a streak of games to resemble playing 3 games in 3 days that got them prepared.
  7. Heard the BU game may played tuesday at Delmar in a doubleheader with Huffman....BU may have the early game....5:00 or 5:30.
  8. Aldine Campbell Center Friday night at 7pm United vs Katy Paetow....tickets will be sold online...700 tickets per school.
  9. Got a call from a parent yesterday saying Manvel more than likely will not be able to play a game at Summer Creek again due to kids items being Stolen out of the lockers of the locker room they used.
  10. I asked that same question and the answer I got was those places were already reserved and alot of the Bigger School gyms are not having playoff games held at there schools due to Covid.
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