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  1. Coach Peavey and Blacks mom are a couple and have bought a home together.
  2. Breaking News Coppell Basketball player Anthony Black leaves Coppell and is headed to Duncanville
  3. West Brook has a Frosh coming in from Vincett named Mason Donald who's gonna be nice and probably get plenty of minutes on Varsity.
  4. Pear Orchard Highschool with Central players could be more sound.
  5. Beaumont United and Duncanville are both built like an AAU team so should be a goodone
  6. Heard it was the other way around....Bradford may be going to Crosby👁👁
  7. When competing with a Football school and numbers aren't Big then IMO the turnover rate is gonna be high cause the better athletes are playing Football and the Football coaches aren't concerned about the hoop program.
  8. Not sure but I do like the pieces AB2 has put together so far....there gonna be a better team on paper but that doesn't count
  9. Looks like Coach Green got the COTY that Matters in Texas...T.A.B.C. Coach of the Year....Those that voted against him winning Supergold COTY should feel embarrassed and foolish .... As Big Perk would say: Carry On
  10. Heard just yesterday, the roster whats on paper to return may not be....in the words of Big Perk...Carry On!!!
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