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  1. Austin Samaha is a workhorse...I didnt realize he was a junior
  2. Just realized the BU Big 3 as you call it has 2 more years together but you cant leave out #0 Henry, he returns also next season for his Sr year.
  3. Foster is a really good team and Hightower did make it to State but they lost all starters except 1 and he may be transferring out.
  4. The BU vs WB game should be better than lastyear due to BU losing as many as they did and WB having as many coming back.
  5. Ardoin from Tekoa is there and also a kid from JV that transferred in from BU lastyear will be eligible to play this year. He could possibly be the game changer for them to win that district and speaking of Abrams a little bird said hes transfering to Summer Creek with Coach Coleman. Also heard the asst Coach at Memorial has gotten a headcoaching job somewhere who brought alot of knowledge to that staff.
  6. As an upset to many...heatd it here 1st..HF wins district this year...
  7. I know its early but since alot have free time on there hands...who's gonna make some noise nextyear and worth the price of admission to go watch?; Teams and Players?
  8. Congrads to Mr. Bush cause when you have had a 4 year run like his you've earned the right to be called Mr. BUSH no matter what the age. Hope to see him do well and maybe catch a McNesse game or so while visiting casinos in the later future.
  9. They have a good shot at it and if so I believe a 4 seed if at all.....21-22 season has the talent to be good
  10. His record doesnt speak highly due to the talent wasnt there...offensive coordinator at Duncanville his last 2 years and they did make it to State in back to back seasons....better than that I was told by a family friend in Dallas who knows him said he went above and beyond helping kids along the way to get kids in College from his school as well as teams they played due to alot of them working out in the same circle...that in it self is a good thing.
  11. Maybe 1-9 but Memorial is a lock...lol
  12. Regardless of 14 and 17, Days,Nights and minutes, the older has to know better whether consensual or not. You just signed a LOI to play college ball...someone in your age group would have probably been ready for sex with you just because but instead you had manipulated the mind of a 14 year old and took it. I feel bad for both parties involved and pray for justice and peace. We as parents have to educate our boys and girls on the severity of situations like this and pray we dont have to go thru it....Saddens me that this happens every so often somewhere but we dont hear about it alot more because most dont get caught because the age difference isn't this far apart but this time it's close to home and far in age...
  13. I think Beaumont United has tweaked a few things in staff changes so hopefully we can see if they make it over the bump or hump...
  14. Naw......they need to replace with new ao they at least get a warranty and longer life.
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