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  1. Not sure but the basketball coaches I believe can get there players the last Wednesday of October
  2. Heard a kid transferred from United to Orange to live with relatives do to Hurricane doing damage to home. May push them from 3 to 2 if it's TRUE and hes eligible to play.
  3. Let the kids go where they want and if your serious about your kid playing at the next level then hopefully hes not a senior and find the right summer team to try and get on cause he will get more looks that way unless your Highschool makes a run in the playoffs or has a kid on the team being recognized by college coaches and he plays well while there watching.
  4. It's always been in most cases. Who's fooling themselves and believing the lies told to get them in is anything else. In this era scholarships are not earned during school ball anymore because the level of competition isn't always what translates to a college programs needs or what type of competition a kid plays against. Basketball has Summer ball that generates more scholarships than school ball has ever since AAU has been around. All sports have there circuits and that's where the colleges look 1st. They may speak to the Highschool coaches before offering to ask a few questions sometimes bu
  5. Put your glasses back on Soulja if you would have said 3rd or 4th....2nd wont happen. That district is stacked and the Houston schools all have the transfer portal open for beam up to the campus of choice.
  6. Recruiting is being done all over the U.S....its the new norm...every kids dream is to win a State Championship and it's hard to do without bringing in a new face or 2. I see nothing wrong with it like it's nothing wrong with a school district getting rid of a Coach for loosing consistently. If a kid is allowed to transfer everytime they get a new coach you would see more of it. You dont see Coaches have to sit out a year when they transfer for a better job so why should a kid if they think it's a better opportunity to be coached by better and play with better players.
  7. When there expecting you to carry most of the load offensively It will take away from your defense due to exhaustion. It's very, very rare a kid is the best offensive weapon for a team and then plays defense on the other teams best player and be successful. One side is gonna suffer..defense or offense...Coaches will tell you to rest on offense and go all out on defense. If that's the case L-train may get derailed quickly into the game.
  8. Not with Harrison there he wont be playing the point. It's a solid fit for him at the 3 cause he runs the floor well and finishes well in transition and his biggest asset is hes a all around player. He can push it up the floor, shoots well from all 3 levels and hes a hustler when it comes to defense. Any Coach can coach his effort cause hes giving you his all when hes out there.
  9. From what I heard Redeaux may have mentored him...he just had the title from what some say...
  10. What year was that Central had Maple, Artmore and McCoy...they were pretty solid if I can remember..
  11. If you have been to any events this year on summer circuit...the teams will be allowed in gym only about 20 minutes before they play and parents and spectators about 10 minutes before they play and exit gym right afterwards for cleaning.
  12. Coaches was a topic we had lastyear and the list looks the same from what I can remember except Boutte wasnt 1 and I wouldn't have him 1....a Coach has to grow with time and he hasn't as of late...if going by his past hes still not 1...The past in my time would have to be Fred William's and James Gamble...Flip a coin for 1,2
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