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  1. crap Fairfield in our district that ought to spice things up, maybe Elkhart can make the playoffs now
  2. No Yoe was good last year they only lost by one to the state champs
  3. Why do you dog Jasper so much... Im pretty sure they would beat yall...
  4. Friday at 7:00 A&M Consolidated Field Thoughts on this game??
  5. I noticed on the Yoe website they already have their game scheduled against Grandview...
  6. Personally I think Cameron is good as advertised, and I also think Region 3 is the hardest bracket to make it out of. For Example we would have to go through possibly Yoe, Grandview, Troy and Vanderbilt Industrial/ Columbus to get to state. Whoever comes out victorious in region 3 will win state I promise that.
  7. you know all of your posts are somehow subtle shots at diboll😂 but how do you think y’all fair against Whitney
  8. and that passing touchdown was very questionable, and to Allen Horace but this will be our first passing test besides Crockett
  9. Second Round Diboll vs. Yoe November 22 at Magnolia High School Thoughts on the game?
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