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  1. I also remember when we were playing Gilmer in the first round in 2017 we were winning at halftime and I was walking to the concession stand and a group of Gilmer dancers and band were starting a ruckus of trash talking to some diboll fans
  2. I also expect this to be a low scoring game maybe 21-14 but it’s a tossup on who wins both some of my favorite east texas teams
  3. Sad to say but I think our 3 year stint of being good has come to end these kids just don’t have that dawg in them
  4. I honestly think it’s between Coldsprings and Crockett for our district, but trinity and Westwood had some quality losses so I think region 3 district 9 is wide open
  5. No one on the football team Varsity or JV level has tested positive for COVID as of today
  6. Definitely not the same team as last year, I could tell these kids have some quit in them
  7. Also diboll will be playing Woodville In woodville next week, should be a slobber knocker
  8. The Diboll/ Madisonville game will happen Saturday at 2 in Diboll
  9. may not measure up to last years team but definitely still a tough team I’m betting they still win district and make it into playoffs
  10. I have faith Morrison will remove the bad roots, but football wise the defense looked pretty good lost leverage a bunch of times but it’s the first scrimmage as for offense they had some pretty mobile quarterbacks that tossed the ball pretty well and looks like the return of another #20 as the star runningback
  11. It did look like corrigan started it, probably the last defense after getting the snot beat out of them
  12. diboll looked pretty good, till the end where they got into a knockdown drag out gotta be better
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