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  1. all players are good, main receiver I heard is still a little bruised up but will play looks like a good game about to go down in the woodshed I got Diboll 35-0
  2. very much deserved I see these boys going undefeated in district if they can keep there heads on straight and focus on what’s important
  3. was really looking forward to seeing these powerhouses battle, but meanwhile The Lumberjacks beat Crockett 43-10
  4. hard to do with these refs to be honest should be 36-3 touchdown to Horace was clearly out of bounds
  5. you can obviously see the way the refs are favoring in this one
  6. If I wasn't going to watch my Diboll Lumberjacks whoop up on some Crockett Bulldogs this would definitely be the game I would be at but if Jasper can stay away from the penalties they will have a better chance. I am taking WOS 16-14
  7. Cleveland over Huntsville?? and Crockett over Diboll AND Crosby over Dayton
  8. This has little to no validity, Jasper played their butts off and they are definitely not a one man team, and ANY team is going to have trouble moving the ball on Diboll this year, but as I recall Jasper had many openings just as Diboll did, the only thing it came down to is who wanted it more.
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