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  1. Yeah, you can tell football is not a priority to the people who've made decisions on facilities. Waaaay down the list.
  2. NetCat


    Thanks @stevenash, your advice helped.
  3. NetCat


    He listened to some of the advice at least, sold enough to recoup his initial investment! Knew that boy wasn't as dumb as me! 😂
  4. NetCat


    Update for y'all, he didn't sell. Says the squeeze is coming soon. I think he's going to lose it all after it tumbled today.
  5. NetCat


    The only good thing is he's not throwing everything he's got into it. He's still got a savings, but he put everything he's poured into the market for 10 years into this. He'll be OK, but he won't be able to retire for a while.
  6. NetCat


    Well he's going to stick with it. Wouldn't listen to me. Hope he doesn't lose it all.
  7. NetCat


    You think he's OK to hold a little while then?
  8. This thread didn't age well if this week's trend keeps up.
  9. NetCat


    I'll try telling him that, hopefully he will listen. This reminds me of the tech bubble in the early 2000's. He said yesterday that they're all holding till "the squeeze happens next week." Do you think anything like that could happen, or are they delusional?
  10. @stevenash, you are a financial guy right? I need help and am taking all opinions on this so everyone else jump in too. My grandson has put a ton of money into Gamestop stock (GME) this week. He got in late to the climb around 280 a share. It's some kind of way for him and people on some website to get back at Wallstreet? I don't know how though. All I know is it looks like a dangerous bubble and I'm worried he's going to lose it all. It's at 320ish now and I told him to sell it pre-market and get out before it crashes. But he won't. And admittedly I'm not sure what's going on
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