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  1. Lol that solves the mystery. I've been trying to figure out what's going on 😂
  2. I think he could still hold office, just not anything big. Not sure on that though...
  3. I think they have to "formally vote" on it after conviction. But yes, that is what will happen if he is convicted.
  4. Getting interesting on here. Excited for the game tonight!
  5. You have to search for the story, impeachment is pushing it to page 2 (relatively). But this does worry me a bit for the future. Putin may be in power till he dies
  6. No, I just don't think the team is gelling well. Always seems a little off...
  7. Well until Truman there was no limit on how many times you could run for president. The 22nd amendment was created after Roosevelt died in office during his 4th term.
  8. Trump can only run one more time. The only way he couldn't run is if the Senate convicts him. Then they could vote to kick him out of the presidency, and then vote to disqualify him from running.
  9. This game is a toss up for me. I'm saying Silsbee because I'm a Tiger fan though 😎
  10. Excited for the game, should be the best matchup in the district!
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