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  1. Crap maybe they'll come back from half with better luck
  2. Doc told him he couldn't come? Stinks for the kid, I know they missed him last night. And I'm sure the other team was glad lol
  3. Should be a great game. If I wasn't going to the Silsbee game I'd be at this one. My gut says Jasper
  4. I think @Honest_Oiler may be the only sane person from WH sometimes. @SETX32 the reason people get on WH is because of the attitude of the WH fans on's the same reason people get on Hull
  5. Look we all know injuries take a toll, especially in small schools. But Mart is a different caliber of team...
  6. Silsbee in a close one, going to try and be there
  7. And since #68 didn't play Dawson could just run it up the gut all night. Anybody know what happened to him? He's a force inside usually but I didn't even see him on the sideline
  8. Well, a healthy Dale would have made this a ballgame...#3 tried but it was obvious that he was still hurt
  9. Great game Tigers! Think I'll be able to make the next one
  10. Dang didn't see this coming, thought it was going to be a close game...anybody know what happened?
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