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  1. I'd be interested to know how many in the area actually have the cert. I know some will but I'd wager more than you think don't. 3A and down more than the big schools.
  2. It's not required by a lot of small schools (Usually money issues). They still hold Admin power in most cases though.
  3. Not necessarily, I know that a ton of the smaller school AD's only have a Bachelors.
  4. That is one solution for sure. Sadly I don't think it will ever happen.
  5. No, almost everyone has a problem with it. It's the fact that Democrats raised heck with all of what you mentioned...but apparently it's OK if Biden or any other Democrat does it. Hypocrisy.
  6. Freedom is paid for in blood, and must be paid for periodically lest it is lost. We all owe a great debt to the men and women who put down their lives for this country and the ones who served or still serve. Thank you
  7. I'm gonna have to break out the movie and watch it now. Been a couple of years.
  8. They don't want anyone else to know about that Hardin pipeline. 不不不
  9. Usually mid June when I go @SmashMouth
  10. I'm not sure to be honest lol. I go every summer at least once. There are always a bunch of people down there when I go. Best way to eat em is to BBQ!
  11. Yeah I saw that, I wonder what's up. Has to be a lot we don't know going on.
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