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  1. if newton drops 2a i dont care who is in 2a they will run through everyone with no problem
  2. heard newton may drop down 2a is that honestly possible
  3. best coaches in the area im just wondering what we all think
  4. super impressed with BU this weekend they have the team to go win 6a state with harrison leading the way have a coupla knock down shooters and very quick and fast gaurds they should be a ton of fun to watch this year
  5. HF is the real deal and may shock a couple teams in that district they a big fast physical and senior heavy all the makings for a great football season and shocking some people
  6. kountze has had a tough first two games then the 3rd game 10 kids were suspended with that being said give me kountze by 2 scores
  7. if hardin does not contain warren QB it will be a toss up but hardin should win
  8. give me newton 28-21 not betting against them till someone proves they can beat them
  9. glad to hear these kids are able to play no a couple of the kids on this team personally and hoping for a great season for them
  10. watched him play a couple times this summer and he was head and shoulders better then anyone he stepped on the floor with
  11. but with that being said i believe BU makes a state run this year.
  12. is that how we judging a player now? i hope not not to mention one is 4a and the other is 6a
  13. i'm very impressed with BU the first 3 weeks chandler rivers & the QB (not sure of his name )
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