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  1. lumbetons head coach had alot to do with the game plans hes been building a program over there
  2. one thing that hasnt been talked about much on here or maybe i just missed it can hefner lock up a 2 at the next level???
  3. are there any good games in the area tonight to go watch??? to cold to go watch football outside
  4. great pick up for lamar and a great kid i may go to a game now
  5. i look for kountze to very much improved from last year
  6. anderson shiro has some pretty good athletes #4 and #11 can go start for newton but they will not be enough newton 52-12
  7. give me the panthers in a close one to many athletes
  8. do they still do the fred williams classic at ozen (beaumont united )
  9. is he gonne play basketball i know he has a couple of d1 football offers
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