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  1. heard he the kid got in big trouble for fight with a teammate
  2. # 2 from HJ baxter wirth #5 is jaiden porter #22 is austin samamha gaurd from HF collin dorsey can play anahuac had a few that was good
  3. anybody have some good warm up games locked in?
  4. so his kid is no longer on the team? isnt his dad on staff?
  5. lumbetons head coach had alot to do with the game plans hes been building a program over there
  6. one thing that hasnt been talked about much on here or maybe i just missed it can hefner lock up a 2 at the next level???
  7. are there any good games in the area tonight to go watch??? to cold to go watch football outside
  8. great pick up for lamar and a great kid i may go to a game now
  9. i look for kountze to very much improved from last year
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