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  1. no that is true im not sure where you get your facts from but he does have ties to kountze both older brothers played at kountze and were pretty good one graduated in 2013 and the other last year i think also a sister that went to kountze as well
  2. someone tell me how they are still winning i am baffled
  3. combination of lack of talent and kids that just do not care to carry on the tradition i have heard, nobody can win with that. i have also heard that the 8th grade bunch can be special i would like to see for myseelf thou
  4. does anybody know where the kid "jay buckley " went for college ??
  5. heard he the kid got in big trouble for fight with a teammate
  6. # 2 from HJ baxter wirth #5 is jaiden porter #22 is austin samamha gaurd from HF collin dorsey can play anahuac had a few that was good
  7. so his kid is no longer on the team? isnt his dad on staff?
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