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  1. Hopefully the economic standoff will be over by then. I just hope the U. N. are fans of el futbol' Americano.
  2. Silsbee just needs to get over that hump. I think Jasper is one of those teams that could do better "with a tweak".
  3. Spread offense is a social distancing friendly offense so with the right choice of plays noone will catch the fake virus. The game will go on!
  4. Me three !!!!!! I hope Vidor spanks Lumberton ! The playbook is one thing but to take the entire game plan & strategy is just blatant theft !
  5. Yes he was but in the context of this thread he is better suited at LB.
  6. There is a thread about him just a little ways down from this one.
  7. Lumberton got their pre-released copy last summer.
  8. Yes, They've got it going on ! I just hope I can vote more than once like I did for Stephenville years back .LOL. Seriously though Port Neches should let the little school win, they would win morally if they did that. They won't though, too much ego.
  9. Is Nederland still going with the same turf as Vidor except for logo and name ? I saw the proposed plan once but I can't seem to find it again.
  10. His performance against Andrew Johnson High in the 1966 city championship game is priceless but you can't bring him up without mentioning his nemesis "Spare Tire" Dixon.
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