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  1. They don't tow though, it's just a bluff. That was my car that they called out as a rental during the Groves game (Its not a rental). It was still there after the game.
  2. The best burger in town is at BBQ Depot (handsdown) ! I'm not big on their bbq but the burgers are good. Also the box car potato is very good
  3. Note to Vidor announcer : Its Vidor high School not Viduh high skew ! I have been wanting to say that for years `😀 GO PIRATES !!! 🏴‍☠️
  4. How many trick plays will Ned use tonight ?
  5. There seems to be conflicting schedules because Bye has scheduled multiple teams in the same week.
  6. We used to cut everyone all over the field no matter where or who they were. I remember a lot of limping secondary bythe second half. The new rules on blind side blocking introduced this year also overlaps some of these rules also. Thus all the flags
  7. you have to download the pdf chart on the right side of page.
  8. It's not that part that changed.I will look it up
  9. I would say Barbers Hill @ Vidor . Everyone else is playing so far away, plus Vidor (The Cardiac Kids) seem to play in a lot of nail biters .
  10. I agree with you 100% but I'll still be there hoping for the best . Safe travels for the Eagles fans.
  11. No you can still do a cut block but the rules changed as to where you can cut block in 2018
  12. It's going to come down to our offensive play which is what worries me about this game. Too many penalties leading to unmanageable third down situations among various other things. IMO We should have ditched the Slot-T whenever the new rules on cut blocking were introduced last year. We relied so heavily on those cut blocks and now we are being penalized for them.
  13. Vidor also runs this rushed version of the slot-T. I think it counters the defense line being able to shift according to the offenses cadence . There is not enough emphasis on the 100 series lately IMO. Ive been watching this offense for over a decade and Duboise seems to have the most methodical approach by far. As for Romo he did go three years without beating a team over 500 but I digress. If you like him then you like him and that's okay. Good luck to the raiders !
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