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  1. Andrian Thompson we know it's you !!!!
  2. I can only hope that it doesn't come down to the kicking .
  3. I loved that field and stadium. It was unique and you felt like you were in the game. A true classic for sure. REMEMBER THE ALAMO should be Jasper's battlecry !
  4. That's pretty hip. I like it ByB it is !!!
  5. I didn't , I just shortened it to FIZZ AT for the day. I thought I would appear more "HIP" if I did so. FIZZ ATMO was my first choice but I figured ; the shorter the hipper. I can't grow a full beard , won't grow a handlebar mustache and dislike IPA beer so this is my last hope at being "HIP".
  6. They can't. The bigger question will be can Jasper keep their QB from running for his life all night long.
  7. You may try I've watched their last two games while on vacation.
  8. Got to be dedicated to a particular system or it negates your time spent there advantage. I'm not hating on him like some. Everyone wants the coaches head during the down years and they want him franchised during his good years.
  9. Could anyone imagine what Faircloth could do if he was at PAM with all them athletes ? If both of these teams had the same coaches then PAM would win by a landslide
  10. It doesn't matter how long Babin is there if he keeps changing the playbook every single year. It's like starting over every season. Lumberton has got to stick with a certain system for a extended length of time .
  11. "Mr. Buddy Garrity cannot receive messages"
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