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  1. It's all good man and I prefer the new system over the old one. I really appreciate all your hard work.
  2. Then I apologize. I'm still trying to learn the new system that we implemented this season.
  3. Jennys is GoooOD, I used to go with my uncle that lived up that way. Damn good chicken and Big Red on tap, I'm in. I think my uncle liked it too much because he would eat it five days a week , God rest his soul.
  4. LIVINGSTONS LOGIC: Liv beats errngefield by 6 Liv beats Splendora by 21 Orangfield beats Splendora by 15 HH beats LCM by 7 Vidor beats LCM by 25 Vidor beats HH by 18 Liv beats HH by 46 and Vidor by 28 Me and my calculator are moving to Vegas because this is obviously an exact science. How come no one has ever stumbled across this secret before , I will never know . It's an innovative idea.
  5. Are we only keeping schedules and scores of district games ? Where are the non-district results , MAXPREPS ? I apologize if I over looked them
  6. We've done the artithmetic. Livingston by 28 and they rest their starters in the second half
  7. Yea but I don't recall them informing me about auto pay when I first signed up. I read everything and never sign up for autopay . I thought it was a little underhanded since I didn't agree to it. Oh ....and you can't cancel your autopay without losing your access. I cancelled the same day that they charged me and lost access for the month I just paid for until I called them. So if you cancel then make sure its at the end of your month. Shady business model
  8. Did you notice an agreement with Texanlive to do autopay when you signed up ? I didn't
  9. Correct !!! That penetration system really sucked
  10. It seems more and more like isn't really needed with all these school districts filming their own games. I'd rather watch with out the commentary anyways.
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