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  1. I know the Freshman/JV referee you are talking about and it is disgraceful that an official would call a game his own child is playing in. It is disgraceful that someone would schedule that (also a HF person). Referees are by nature supposed to be neutral and he's assigned his own children's games? Not good.
  2. The great game changer won't be back next year and the Beaumont kids gonna go right back to Beaumont.
  3. It's not as wide open as most think. Unless HF beats Silsbee and HJ (ain't happening) they can only tie Lumberton or Little Cypress. And that's only if those teams lose out (ain't happening). Now West Orange Cove still has a shot at it, but it seems rather long at this point too.
  4. Lumberton basically returned the whole squad and is two games back from LCM and behind WOS due to head to head. I have been critical of Coach Rideaux's "rebuilding" strategy at Hamshire, but I think Lumberton was better when he was there.
  5. Silsbee is way down from last year. HJ is way down front last year. They both still good teams, but the gap to the rest of the district has narrowed. That doesn't mean the rest of the district is very good. They are just competitive with each other and closer to the top, which makes things entertaining. We've been spoiled in recent years with the talent level in this 4A district.
  6. Changing that culture! Can't understand why anyone wouldn't be happy?
  7. It does happen at other places, but the volume of transfers in such a short period of time is pretty telling. A big part of participating in athletics is cultivating qualities such as hard work, perseverance, loyalty, etc. The new HF regime would rather bring in the ringers and just "block out the noise" than actually build the program. I believe winning is important, but not at the expense of the rules. While I think local coaches are aware of what's going on, I'd expect this trend to be addressed from within HF ISD. And I think it will happen sooner than later.
  8. So sad to lose a legend and an icon!
  9. I feel like Jasper basketball does this every year. They show a ton of promise early and implode late. No shame losing to Hudson, though. They can play.
  10. Be real. #2 is a transfer. #4 is a transfer. The JV kid is a transfer. There will be more next year. There has always been talent in this community, but it's being recruited over for Beaumont/SBG kids. Guess who coached at both those places? Tigee Rideaux is a good coach of basketball. He just doesn't follow the rules that the majority of high school coaches follow and HF is going to get hurt by it.
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