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  1. He doesn't have the rings like most of the list above, but Chris Pennington at Barbers Hill is a pretty good coach. 4-1 vs Nederland and Memorial last year.
  2. I've heard Jordyn Adams lived in Beaumont all through high school. It happens everywhere it seems.
  3. United has a couple and one from lcm was listed on Jim Hicks website. I'm sure there's more than that.
  4. No love for Nederland? They played PA well last year and return everyone.
  5. I'm sure his time in Orangefield was very beneficial to a young man that's experienced a lot of turbulence in his life. A year of stability was likely invaluable to that kid. Now, I'd imagine this prep school can better prepare him for his basketball career than 3A ball here. I for one am excited to see how far he can go.
  6. I have no problem with a change of residency made by a parent for whatever reason they deem best for their child. I have a problem with those who fabricate a change in residency, which is what I've been told is happening.
  7. Really good list of athletes, but I was referring to the current high school kids.
  8. That's interesting. Who are the exceptions that don't coach football?
  9. Board is slow so let's get some discussion going. Football just started and it got me wondering. Who are the best hoopers that play football in the fall? What schools are dependant on the football guys to get back to them?
  10. Moving a child to a different school to play for a certain coach or with certain players is a sad development. High school athletics are special because the teams are local, but many seem not to care about that. This is not AAU, where you can jump teams monthly. This is not college, where athletes are recruited and choose a school. This is not the NBA, where millionaires refuse to play certain places and select their teammates. This is high school and it is supposed to be the last pure venue for sport. I understand you are likely a proponent of clearing athletes for transfer, but your experience and situation seem to be cut from a much nobler cloth. Let's be real. These move-ins are not leaving United (David Green) and West Brook (Andre Boutte) for the prestige of a guy who's never been a head coach before. This is recruiting and it hasn't been very subtle. I hope that HFISD and the UIL do the right thing here.
  11. My interpretation of you saying he's a game changer was that he'd build interest in the program and get the Hamshire Fannett kids to actually come out and play. I thought he'd be a great hire, but openly recruiting isn't exactly endearing or within the rules. What about the HF kids who've suffered through the losing years only to get tossed aside for Beaumont transfers? What about the Beaumont transfers who are being sold a dream only be ruled ineligible and sit through universal off-season all year? What about Lumberton and Silsbee and HJ who do things the right way without recruiting? I made light of this before it became apparent what's really going on. I was excited for Hamshire Fannett basketball and now I'm just disappointed again.
  12. I guess that's one way to jump start a program! I'll bet there's plenty of talent walking the Halls of West Brook and United that can't quite get on the floor. Why not go to Fannett and get some wins?
  13. Well...the board is slow so I'll take the bait. What are we going to see that we don't like? Most seem to think very highly of him.
  14. I'm bored at work and Hefner v Bush v Harrison debate got me interested. Who are top ten players in SETX?
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