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  1. what happened to kenny hoffpauir ? did he retire or get another gig ? has west hardin replaced him? i'm just hearing of this today
  2. Was Stan run off because he didn't get results, or because he got sideways with that board member or two? Either way, that guy has won every where he's been. Where is Stan now ?
  3. That guy lives in Lumberton and is the OC at Kirbyville in a retire/rehire scenario probably bringing home 85-90k a year with no classroom and no other obligation than to call play on friday night -he's got a cake job now according some friends of mine in the land of kirbyville
  4. You're telling me that Larry Haynes gets to OC at Kirbyville against his former district rivals? Please please football gods let me Warren Warriors put them on the non-district schedule so we can get justice.
  5. them Hornets got'em a darn good coach up'air
  6. And who might the position be handed to from within? I saw on another post that Tod Stark is at Hemphill. He'd be a great fit there
  7. That's confusing. Does not the position HAVE to be PRESENTED as OPEN? Or, are you being sarcastic?
  8. i need to get my head out of the sand - where is coach stark at ?
  9. is Tod Starke not at West Sabine any longer?
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