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  1. I wonder why that is the case. Why cant other teams advance........from setx besides barbers hill and hardin
  2. so they will give the new head coach about 3 progress will be made and they'll start over again! Isnt that how it works ?
  3. I didnt know that. I dont know what they will do then, because that sounds like Hardin and Shepherd would stay to the WEST district (so OF would drop into the current 22-3a ? If Hardin goes into 22-3a - it doesn't matter who is in that district, they have won the last 19 of 20 district championships in volleyball, but i dont think they will join 22-3a now that you made that point about OF and Shpeherd
  4. Well isnt he from there? I'm sure he wanted to. Do the Slacks still run the girls side or does the AD get to oversee that program as well ? I"m not sure how their system works over there nowadays. Our Supt is from Liberty....and i think she may have even coached there many years ago
  5. You mean for the 2022 season? TBD because the new districts have not been released yet - Will Hardin come back to 22-3A or will they stay where they are? If they stay to the west, Warren and Buna should be the favorites to win 22-3A in my opinion
  6. Taylor had been there for 10+ years right ? Isnt that considered a long haul by todays norms ?
  7. So would this be considered a good hire for Liberty, an upgrade if you will ?
  8. HJ just switched to turf so that leaves just Liberty, HF, silsbee and LCM as far as big schools in all of the southeast Texas region.
  9. one of the last stadiums in all of 4a that play on grass from 1937.
  10. This job doesn't pay enough for a huge name. A great coordinator who is wanting to win a lot of games real quick, with the opportunity to stack the resume has this job at the top of his "to do list".
  11. No shortage of points scored for these two 6-man teams
  12. This should attract some huge names. Whats the pay like over there now? Low 100's I would assume ?
  13. Does anyone have the schedule for the games this week ?
  14. Does anyone know if any changes will be made to the Warren district ? 12-3A-II School Newton Kountze New Waverly Corrigan-Camden Hemphill Warren Anderson-Shiro
  15. Wouldn't it make more sense for District 9 to acquire Woodville and have Tarkington stay with District 10 ? At least thats what makes the most sense on "the Map " but maybe that doesn't matter to the UIL DCTF Matt Stepp has Tarkington in District 10 ?
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