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  1. The Baltimore Ravens got the same exact haul in return for a 2nd year Tight End. There is zero excuse for this type of deal. As critical as I have been on Dallas offering Prescott 35 million a year, this trade is worse. Bill O'Brien is an idiot. Period.
  2. Houston just traded DeAndre Hopkins for David Johnson, 2nd Round 2020 pick, 4th Round 2021 pick What in the heck am I missing?
  3. Kountze 4-3 over Huntington LCM 9-1 over Kountze
  4. I'm a sports fan. Dallas is I'm my home state so I'd like to see them succeed. It's not "hate". Just an opinion, may not even be a good one. Also like to see the Texans perform well. Truth be told, I'm a Dolphins fans. So there isn't much to talk about other than Dallas and Houston lol
  5. Stats are somewhat misleading. Tampa and Atlanta are also in the top 5. Numbers are easily skewed when you are a bad team constantly trailing and throwing it 40 times a game to play catch up. That is why all 5 QB in terms of passing yards were on losing teams. Dallas has been mediocre with Prescott, don't have to wait for an unproven to see it. Dallas just made maybe the 15th-20th best QB in the league, the highest paid QB in the NFL. Whether the should have or not isnt't up to me. Not my money. Do ya thing Jerrah.
  6. UT Basketball continues to underachieve under Shaka Smart. It is time to cut the cord and try again.
  7. Paying a mediocre QB #1 QB money will handicap the Cowboys moving forward. Dallas will continue being what they are, with no chance to improve the roster, actually losing players they would have liked to have kept otherwise. Better draft well. Going to be another 5 years of mediocrity, or less than.
  8. Saturday schedule. 9:00 Warren/Silsbee 11:30 Diboll/HF 2:00 HF/Big Sandy 4:30 Diboll/Kountze
  9. Sorry been swamped. Silsbee 12 Kountze 0 Hardin and Silsbee about to start
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