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  1. Around 2008-2009 Silsbee had a guy that came off the bench and could flat out stroke it. He didn't play a ton of minutes, but when he got in the game, the defense better adjust or he would explode. He was probably the "X-Factor" that other teams didn't plan for, but they learned real quick.
  2. Kountze is looking for a Feb. 8 scrimmage. Will travel. Contact Brandon Hillin [email protected]
  3. Kountze wins by 10 or so. Prayers for Anahuacs #10. Had to have 35+ before going down with an injury.
  4. BTW, the Top 4 passing leaders all Lost again today, and will be out of the playoffs. Crazy the stats that get put up when your playing from behind all year.
  5. Brady, Brees, and Rivers... All set to be FA. Interesting to see if any leave their respective teams..
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