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  1. I might be trolling, but I remember Evadale losing to Martinsville. If I remember WH blew out Martinsville. Also if I recall correctly SWLA blew out Evadale.
  2. I feel like West Hardin could take pretty easily. The common opponents they have West Hardin has destroyed and Evadale has lost to.
  3. All these people talking big talk and acting like grapeland didn't have 5 turnovers and that grapeland wasn't up by 20 at the half.
  4. West Hardin got this by whatever they want. I doubt West Hardin pulls off on em either.
  5. West Hardin had a HUGE turnover problem in the first half. But West Hardin fixed it in the second half. I do think West Hardin greatly under estimated them.
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