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  1. Over a year later and Cade is the projected #1 pick. That Monteverde team will have 3 guys go top 10 in this years draft. Potentially two top 5 picks.
  2. Congrats to Coach Rideaux. I look forward to seeing him turn around another program like he did at HF. Wonder if his doubters are still around these days...
  3. Yes I would say so. When he got hired Lamar went from not offering a local kid a scholarship in years to having at least one local kid on the team every season. If you ask me, that’s a welcomed change to the program. Also, he is widely respected by college head coaches across America. But I’m sure you know more than they do.
  4. Agreed. Coach Mitchell deserves all of the credit in the world, but returning a D1 player of that size and skill will get you first or second in that district.
  5. Great game from Coach Rideaux and the Longhorns. Best coach in the area. I can only imagine what he would do with Silsbee level talent.
  6. I was saying that this past season there were no “special local teams” that could’ve competed with MVA.
  7. There’s not a single team in Texas that would’ve beaten Montverde this past year.
  8. Like CC, he would be conference player of the year right now. Kids like that are on a different level. He’s 7’2 and would be by far the most skilled player in the conference. Just a different atmosphere of talent. And yes, he is just 17.
  9. I think if everyone in the discussion were familiar with the players and talent on Montverde’s roster, they would understand the gap in ability.
  10. Just think about this. If Cade Cunningham wasn’t forced to play college basketball, odds are he would declare for the NBA draft where he would be a top 5 pick. Instead of just labeling him as an inexperienced high schooler, think of him that way. I don’t want to take anything away from SFA because I saw them play and they are very good and very well coached. We’re just talking about two different calibers of talent. Obviously CC is not Lebron but would you be making this same argument against Lebron’s HS team? Just because he was 18?
  11. You’re 100% accurate. Experience definitely makes a huge difference. Talent also matters. If we took MVA’s players when they are 20-22 and matched them against SFA they would win by 40 points or more. Experience is the only reason this is an argument to begin with.
  12. I completely agree. They best college basketball team would have zero chance against the worst NBA team. The NBA is filled the the most elite basketball talent across the world. In the SFA vs. Montverde topic. MVA has multiple guys that will play in the NBA one day and SFA has none. College big men would struggle against Tucker because he is one of the best 300 basketball players in the world, not just because of experience.
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