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  1. My team lost 3rd week. I was in here supporting a fellow SETX team bc that’s what we do here. I’m sure if you guys had a forum that represented your area you’d make the same comments. If you really wanna get your feelings hurt go to Smoaky. This is mild compared to Smoaky. But no need in just being a jerk.
  2. They’ll keep running especially next week after PG whips Wimberley. Please come back and troll then! ✌🏼
  3. Dude why are you on a SETX forum talking crap? Go get a life elsewhere. Y’all will get donkey stomped by PG, but good luck!
  4. Love seeing these teams this deep in the playoffs. I think WOS will get the win. Good luck to both!
  5. Consistency is key. Newton has had 3 coaches over the past 40 years. And everybody knows why they’re no longer there. Just bc you have a bad season doesn’t mean you fire the coaches. Look at what’s going on in Tenaha. They lost at state 2017 fired that coach. Hired another one, fired him. Got a new one and didn’t even make the playoffs this year. They have not missed a playoff since like 2005. Program is ruined. Gotta be rebuilt.
  6. Haven’t y’all improved over the the time he’s been there?
  7. I don’t follow Jasper closely and really don’t know many folks from there, so I’m at a loss there. But their record has definitely improved. I’m curious what the issue is.
  8. Yeah, I saw some Barbay bashing on the FoxApp. What’s going on with that?
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