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  1. Congratulations WOS. It was a battle. Bad calls, good calls but the better team won. Good luck with the rest of the season, will be pulling for y’all!
  2. Give Franklin credit, they played their hearts out! Very underestimated. They’ll be scary good next year!
  3. I think Gilmer will give em a run for their money, but not win. I think it’ll be fairly close!
  4. Franklin is a great team! I just think Canadian us too much. Canadian by a couple scores.
  5. I make zero excuses for any team. But missing 6 or 7 starters is kinda relevant. I don’t really see anybody using it as an excuse though. Actually I’m the one that brought it up on here bc I read it somewhere else.
  6. It’s called respect. Their program has earned it. Everybody loves to see the best fall. It’s just annoying how quiet all the haters are until they fall and then here they come posting their bs comments. Newton fell tonight and the comments on the fox app are just one after the other. It’s ridiculous and childish.
  7. Every team falls short with Carthage. Jasper hung with them better than anybody so far.
  8. It is what it is. We all knew going into the season this was a possibility but it still doesn’t make it easier when it actually does happen. I give WOS credit bc they could’ve forfeit and didn’t. They played hard and didn’t give up. Even shut em down completely 2nd half.
  9. “Next man up” not “next men up!” At least they tried and didn’t forfeit like most teams would’ve. Give them credit too, I believe they’ve earned it. Smh.
  10. Our district is pretty weak though & sadly it showed tonight. We had no answer when they shut Gatson down. The defense was gassed from not playing but 2 quarters all season. They came to play!
  11. They always come out when we lose! Just can’t help themselves. That’s ok, we can take it. They’re coming for us hard on fox app. Only 2 teams in SETX that are consistent!
  12. We will see! We did well despite everything that happened at the start of the season! 2 beat downs from Jasper and WOS. I’m proud of them. They never gave up, fought until the end!
  13. We didn’t either, lol. Been a unpredictable season for sure!
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