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  1. Truth. They gotta clean those penalties up!
  2. Way to go Eagles. Much better.
  3. Newton gets it together this week. 🤞🏼
  4. Kevin Shorter. One of the best Newton ever had.
  5. Go get it Jasper! Vidor is going to be tough.
  6. Did Newton give up the amount of points in the last 2 games all last season? I know we’ve got some injured kids and a lot of young ones but this is wild. 2020 can kick rocks for real! This is the worst season I can remember.
  7. Well Newton will be pulling for WOS this season as always with the exception of Friday night lol. I just hope we don’t sit through another blowout Friday!
  8. Got new helmets last year with WT’s initials on them. Not sure about uniforms.
  9. 2020 has been a year of surprises so far so it’s not out of the realm for sure. But odds are not in Newton’s favor.
  10. If WOS defense is that legit Newton will struggle big time. Never saw any reason to run the score up. Put those backups in and get them somewhat experienced when you can.
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