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  1. I would say they’re all doing their part. KJ is having a heck of a season so far on both sides of the ball. Sylvester of course. Our young QB Williams has really been impressive. I’ll say we bounced back a lot quicker than I thought!
  2. Dang. Wasn’t expecting this. Hope y’all bounce back!
  3. I went to this one. SA has got some athletes and they put it on em, but they made some dirty plays that first half. One player was ejected. Wished I had went to Carthage.
  4. We like to play the best too. Nobody can say Newton has a weak schedule. I wasn’t even aware of the issues after the Jasper/Newton games until I read about them on Facebook.
  5. I’d love to see it too, but there’s been too much nonsense go on after the games bc of it.
  6. Not going to get the big head, we’ve still got Gilmer. Y’all are legit. I hope both teams go all the way, but we’ve got many games until then! Good luck the rest of the season, dj! Ain’t no quit in WOS!
  7. I was really worried those last 5 minutes. Spectacular playing by both sides. Doesn’t get much better than that. Good luck to WOS. Great game. We will be pulling for y’all the rest of the season.
  8. Both schools have amazing programs with awesome kids. After this week I’ll cheer for WOS the rest of this season & I bet a lot of WOS fans cheer for us too!
  9. I never expected LCM to put that many points on WOS. They must’ve really improved. Beating WOS to Newton is almost as good as state to me! I pull for WOS in every other game! It will be a brawl, but I’m going with Newton by maybe a touchdown.
  10. I agree with this. Passing game looks so much better. Newton wins in a brawl.
  11. Who was playing basketball? I’m confused on this comment. 🤔
  12. So much for us Newton fans being delusional. 🙌🏼
  13. Last year our peewee flag team ran all over everybody except Silsbee.
  14. We aren’t all delusional. We know we lost some badass players last year, plus W.T. plus Neece. We know replacing them is impossible but we are confident They’ve passed along the tools to rebuild another really good team. Humble but confident.
  15. I don’t think Newton will give up that many points either. I also don’t think we will run all over them either. We shall see soon! Safe travels everyone!
  16. Nope, he’s not and Newton showed they didn’t need him to win. So never put everything into one player bc it takes a whole team to win.
  17. They had 24 receiving Friday. He’s awesome both ways. Just have to see this Friday. Kids a beast though. Don’t count us out just yet!
  18. EB and Canadian both gave us a run for our money. Not like we’ve been playing cream puff teams.
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