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  1. Sick people make light of rape and rape coverups, and your reference is to MV which is a HIGH SCHOOL. You think that is funny? You are SICK.
  2. You know YOU are talking about the rape of high school students, dont you? SICK.
  3. I dunno nothing about CCC, but Vidor 48-0? Day. Um!
  4. And if they were bad before he got there, and they were still losing, the haters would be blaming Briles. ESPN would be mocking him right now, calling Briles a “wreck” at MV.
  5. Long way off but I hope Briles MV team makes it to State!
  6. Its only been a rivalry lately. EC has OWNED the Rice Bowl up until 17. Now HF has won last 2 of 3. Crazy to think that but it is what it is. Congrats to HF. Hope you guys keep playing hard and extend your season. No worries EC will be fine. Still gonna win the district!
  7. QB coming back or not, no way Huntsville can beat the greater Houston area All Star team thats been assembled at FBM.
  8. I think BH will easily make the playoffs, and probably win the district. Its real early but the two alleged favorites, PN-G and Nederland, are looking terrible so far.
  9. I cannot see LSU winning on the road. UT by 10.
  10. Hate crime charges should be filed and he should have a lifetime ban from the NFL.
  11. The long time owners passed away and new owners took it over and dramatically changed the menu and the decor. Why they did that is unknown to me. Why mess with astounding sucess? It baffled everyone in town. Al-T's had a packed house for the lunch buffet almost each and every day. Why radically change the menu? The patronage dropped off, doors closed and the building was sold to Tia Juanitas. TJ's is a fine place I have no problem with them but it was so, so sad to see Al-T's die off. Life will go on.
  12. BU is much improved. Ned is in trouble in district.
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