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  1. And I thought “Fraiser went down”? Heads are gonna explode, LOL.
  2. Crazy day in 3A. Now the State Championship is WIDE OPEN.
  3. I went to the New Caney ISD site, and found the following: Tickets for all other games will be available online at 12:01am the day of the game and at the gate if available. So, it would imply gate sales are happening, but the weather alone might stop the game.
  4. I would really like to see this one too. I have no idea about the ticket sales at the gate or not, so I doubt I go.
  5. YES. I have seen Deweyville play several times this year. YES, I am a "small school" fan too so I am quite familiar with 2A. YES, with smaller teams, a 2 way best player is incredibly important. However, I did not follow every single thing about Cushing. Now, with that said, I want to aplogize for trying to have a conversation with you all about Tenaha vs. Chilton. I also apologize about having an opinion on Chilton. I thought it would be good to have some small school conversation going on along with all the larger schools here (but maybe not). I also aplogize for offending anyone in thi
  6. You are probably right. I did say Teneha should win, but they still have to play the game. I did see Teneha beat Cushing 36-6 while Deweyville beat the same Cushing team three weeks later 44-8, so while thats only one comparison, it might indicate Chilton won't be a total pushover for Tenaha. I wish I could see this game. Interesting.
  7. Teneha should win. With that said, I think Chilton gives them a battle. Except for Chiltons #4, that’s a well disciplined team that has a great O line. If Chiltons O line can bulldoze ahead, Teneha will have their hands full. Chilton can control the clock. I will support Chilton, against the odds.
  8. Tramaine Thomas IMO was the best player EC ever had. Vance McDonald has had the best overall career by far.
  9. Real good run Deweyville! They overcame the hurricane and had a historic season. Well done!
  10. No, you are looking at it backwards. Coaches already DO get the credit (and pay) when sucess happens, so, to be fair, they likewise have to shoulder the responsibility and blame when things go wrong. Thats what adults have to do in life. Coaches can't just accept the wins and dump the losses on the kids. Sorry Mr. Aggie, but they can't have it both ways.
  11. Getting blamed for a players mistake comes with the profession they chose. The players are kids who do not get paid, they are not like NFL players who have to take their own responsibility. Coaches are grown men, who do get paid, some even get paid richly. Grown men "man up" and take responsibility for the product that takes the field on their watch.
  12. Still 37-12. Last update for me. Out of battery
  13. That last score with 25 second left hurt. I still believe DV will come out with fire in their eyes in the 2nd half. Chilton is a real good team. They punch above their weight.
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