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  1. You cannot predict "next year" for any of the area or state teams. Who knows who will move in where? The Transfer Portal is open for buisness.
  2. The whole Duncanville culture is rotten. The girls basket ball coach is a hard core cheat. Duncanville is the present day version of Dallas Carter of the 1980's.
  3. Duncanville in trouble. Who wouldathunkit? Worse yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  4. BOOM!!! THANK YOU (almost) ALL!
  5. I have been openly critical of the UIL in the past, primarily due to three issues. First, watering down the playoffs. I, as many others do, stand by that 100%. Second, the ever increasing overreach, taking more and more control away from the local levels (as you will soon see "playoff ready" venues forced on you soon). Third, almost complete capitulation on transfer enforcement. It remains a joke. With that said, I think this years realignments across the state are OUTSTANDING. Of course there are a few schools that got a tough draw (Shepard, and some West TX schools, etc,) but overall, the districts are probably the most geographically sensible I have ever seen. I love the way they consolidated many ISD's into their own districts, like all the Fort Bend schools being together, etc. They did an espicially fantastic job on the west side of the state. I am amazed they made so many 8 team districts, followed by many 6 team districts. Skimming through I only noticed one 4 team El Paso district (5A-1, District 1), and they explained their rationale well on the FSSW Realignment show. I hope this mindset continues. WELL DONE, UIL!
  6. I would love for that to happen. I don't think it will though.
  7. Thats one of the lightest predistrict scheduals Newton has played in recent years. Only one formidible opponent out of 4 games and 2 scrimmages. The rest are essentially pushovers... Is Newton having to rebuild or something this year?
  8. Anyone got 3 tix for at McNeese?
  9. If you are hanging your hat on Claude Tarver, you are even worse off than I thought. Lol.
  10. How about we put the childish CB/SA stuff away and focus on helping out H-F? H-F is SETX. Lets ignore the trouble maker and pull together and help out our friends and neighbors. The H-F community has "been through it", TWICE now. Time for something good to happen on H-F! Vote!
  11. So sad how low you stoop. H-F must have hurt you real bad at some point. So sad.
  12. Not sure about who is in the lead, but the rules do say: Voting runs from January 21st – February 3rd at 9am/cst. The winner will be announced on Friday, February 7th. To stay up to date on the results follow us on social. Thank you all and keep it up!
  13. Thank you sir. I hope some others will step up. It only takes a few seconds to do. Folks, the contest ends soon. Please vote for H-F!
  14. Come on, SETX, please follow the link and vote for H-F to get new lockers! Watch the video and tell all your friends to vote.
  15. Reagan, please see your PM's. Thanks.
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