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  1. And PA people whine here night and day about top PAM players ending up in Mid County. So you supporting Ned & PN-G now, right?
  2. Take a look at Hamshire Fannett a few years ago. They lost numerous skill players who ended up starting and excelling for several area teams. You keep all those HF players at home and HF would have had a heckuva team that year.
  3. Given the trajectory, its only a matter of time. Heck, lets get the kids agents and make trades between high school teams. My RB just blew his ACL. Playoffs start in two weeks. Trade you my starting corner and two offensive linemen for your RB, a $1000 donation to your booster club, and a Sophmore DB to be named later. Deal?
  4. Gross overreaction. Kind of like Crosby not wanting to play the Vidor Pirates due to alleged "safety concerns". Just stupid.
  5. Perfect example of the "me" culture we live in. Yeah 97, just FORGET things like teamwork and playing by the rules. Feel free to let your athlete "take his talents" to the local that builds his NFL career the best. Its all about you!
  6. I hear ya. I have been there about 15-20 times, and more often than not, the gate personnel could lighten up a bit. I know they are not the ones who actually set the policies, but sometimes they could cut some slack. Making a 6 year old spit out candy already in their mouth because it violated "no outside food and drink" is ridiculous.
  7. I liked when they called it "Texan Drive stadium", but I am glad they got a corporate sponsor. Randell Reed it is! It is an excellent and I mean an EXCELLENT stadium. I prefer it over Woodforest. There is nothing wrong with the Woodforest stadium itself, just the ingress and the rigid CISD fan policies. Also there is less traffic to fight on 59 N vs. 45 N on a Friday night.
  8. I believe your O line is indeed huge and Bost is indeed legit... However. scoring 44 points won't do much good if you give away 45.
  9. Agreed. This is the opening game on a Thursday night Aug 29. I was going to go, but I am hearing rumors it will be broadcast on ESPN2. NS offense will be awesome but their defense will have a lot of inexperience on the field. Katy will be deep and a little more fast than they usually are this year. I look for a relatively high scoring game due to this. This is the premier opening game in the state IMO.
  10. Here is all the preview you need: Kirbyville = Dumpster Fire.
  11. AM-Con is gonna be a tough out. You have 6/7 coming back from a 10-2 team, and a great coach in Lee Fedora who won state at Navasota (over Argyle) a few years ago.
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