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  1. Well sorry to bust ur bubbles but y'all is in the same district
  2. So it's might look like this for 4a d2 region 3 West Orange Stark Bridge City Jasper HJ Hamshire fanntt Silsbee Orangefield
  3. This is mines 1. WOS 2. PNG 3. Silsbee 4. Beaumont Untied 5. LCM
  4. It's not going to be a repeat of last year it totally a different defense
  5. Gilmer beat the ranked number 1 team Waco Connolly
  6. Look y'all it's like this which either team defense shines the most that team will move on West Orange defense haves speed and some head hunters no doubt West Orange is coming to play
  7. It doesn't matter how good a team is any team can go down at any point of time just like Jasper, longview , huffman
  8. Not happening guys wish it our defense is way too good
  9. Number 5 is going be out for the season he have an broken leg
  10. Of LCM play the way they played against Stafford look out it's going be a long night for Crandall
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