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  1. At this point the only available date is Nov 5-6...unless the district totally modifies the schedule
  2. I'm not saying the UIL is perfect, far from it..I'm just saying you are ill informed in regards to this issue.
  3. A lot goes into the UIL sending a letter like that and typically its not the first incident...just because something hasn't come out publicly on a Sunday doesn't mean someone wasn't warned etc....Elysian Fields put their notice out publicly...some are warned and the notice isn't ever made public...
  4. Or you could be like Waskom who was supposed to play San Augustine last week...they got rained out...didnt come back Saturday and play and now their game this week is canceled....ironically San Augustine is looking for a game on the 18th...they should have come back and played last Saturday..
  5. It was...I was under the impression it was a win for the time I found out it was too late....not a huge'll work itself out
  6. Stafford is only selling tickets at the gate if there are any not sold...Huffman will get 650 tickets...most of which have already been purchased...they'll make the rest available online starting tomorrow.. Stafford will make 750 tickets available...they will make tickets available to each participant starting tomorrow...then if they dont sell out they'll make the tickets available to students of the MSD and faculty..anything not sold will be sold at the gate Saturday until they run out of the allotment...Stafford's coach thought they'd sell through their allotment and it's unlikely any t
  7. and I'm not saying coaches dont make a difference because they do... But if Team A has 50% better personnel than Team B....Team B better have a 50% coaching advantage....and to be honest in most gigs in Texas teams are too well coached to be at that sort of disadvantage when it comes to x's and o's.....
  8. You own it, but anyone doing hiring or with any sense of the landscape of HS football on a statewide level knows some jobs are simply impossible to succeed at....Graham has clearly demonstrated he's capable of leading good much as we like to put importance on coaches, in the end you've got to have the personnel to compete...he'll have the personnel at United at the 5A level
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