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  1. These are the new schools that are probably going to be 4A and below: South San Antonio West Campus Canyon West Plains Abilene TLC Cedar Hill Newman Academy Dallas Inspired Vision And then these schools will be back playing UIL football in 4A-below Cross Roads West Hardin Austin Eastside
  2. Keep in mind the following schools are getting added to 5A or 6A in 2022...expect another dozen or so in 2024 thats why 7A is needed....more and more schools getting built Lake Belton Frisco Emerson Frisco Panther Creek Richmond Randle Katy Jordan San Antonio Davenport San Antonio Pieper San Antonio Sotomayor Killeen Chaparral Austin LASA
  3. pretty sure both schools know its on them if they want to play!
  4. 6A and 5A are basically full at 250 schools....there's not many places to put those schools w/o skewing the ratio in 4A even more than it already is...7A is the answer because you add 125 or so schools to 7A then you work your way back up from the lower levels to realign the ratios better....will there be some small districts in 4A?? Absolutely but I think thats better than having a 4A that goes from 550-1400 kids...
  5. Until 7A happens the cutoffs will rise...I expect several smaller 5A's to drop down to 4A-D1
  6. Splitting 6A doesnt alleviate the'd still have the saame # of teams and same # of districts.....
  7. Was told High Island has enough kids available to play but is electing not to play, not sure if its storm related??
  8. Do they have the enrollment to play six-man or would they have to do outlaw?
  9. Paris is not quite Argyle but they are a top 10-15 team in D1 made the regional finals last year
  10. PG I think lost both their QBs in the season opener and playing a freshman....lets not forget Argyle and Paris are both really good
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