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  1. I just looked at the THSPA website for the last 2 seasons and couldn't a find a boy's name associated with Warren. Places like Warren need powerlifting to be able to try and get their kids competitive and to try and build something on the boy's side that has some success. They could also use that on the girl's side as well. I hope they're able to find a person that will buy in and help to overcome the inadequacies of genetics and apathy. When you've got a gene pool that can't compete as they get off the bus you've got to have heart and work ethic and when you have a track record of w
  2. The main problem with all of this is Warren opening this late. Even if there was a change in a "reasonable" time table it was going to be hard to find someone with a proven track record that would want to come in and try to get something going but with it now being June 1st good luck. Whoever ends up getting there, the community AND admin needs to understand realistic expectations and what Warren in is.
  3. There's another Lance Dale that I know of that coaches in Cy Ranch. He's really the one I was in reference to.
  4. And I'll point to the fact that those schools have guys up front that can play as well. I'm just pointing out that just because a team has success in 7 on 7 it doesn't always translate into success on the field. You are also bringing up big schools that probably run their base offensive passing concepts in 7 on 7 which can be an extension for them. When was the last time Jasper or Newton lined up in the fall and threw the ball 25 plus times and had success? That means they're most likely running something they won't even put in for the season. Again, it's a great way to get
  5. I thought it's always on or around October 15th every year.
  6. He's too big time for this. He's a Splendora kinda guy.
  7. Last I heard he was at one of the Cypress schools as o-line coach. I know he was at Bellville before Tarkington and Bellville's been winning way before he got there and has still been winning since he left. I'm not knocking Stan but let's look at what's really going on at the places he's been. Tarkington did to him what they do to just about every AD. One or 2 people with "authority" want something else because they think they can do and get better.
  8. I've never seen anyone that was let go from a place continually show up the way Stan has to Tarkington events so I would say, yes, I agree with that. As far as record it wasn't that long ago they beat Mexia in the playoffs but they had a few cats that could roll. They typically don't have those kinds of kids.
  9. I just did a district wide staff search on their district page and there is no Keel showing up.
  10. My question is how long high-stepping and twirling the purple towel is going to last in Humble.
  11. I'm going to say the number one issue in Tarkington is the people of the Prairie then the things you speak of. The only people that are more entitled than the community there is the community in Splendora.
  12. I get that, but if you don't have the guys up front then 7 on 7 being a gauge for success is a moot point.
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