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  1. I would go to and get one of their study guides. They help you to identify what domain the question is coming from through the way the question is asked along with facts that are on the test itself.
  2. I was hoping someone would post something like this. Typically in small towns the genetic pool starts to dry up because there's nothing there as far as jobs go. I've always wondered why people think that just because a team had a string or 4-5 really good years that they're always going to have the same talent pool. I know of a small community that feels that way on I-45 just south of Huntsville that forgets about which hurricane made them good; not the home town gene pool. Navasota's talent was starting to dry up before Lee left there. If you look at Coldspring here lately kids have either been going to Willis, Huntsville, or Livingston. I'm not saying Brenham wasn't bad, but Glen had a way with those kids. And even before Glen finally retired their football participation numbers started to go down. It's interesting to see all the people that get on these message boards and are quick to point out the coaches that had great success there and tag that to the sole reason for these programs hitting "droughts". I think there's too many times where we think high school football is like college football and expect those programs to be dominating year in and year out. No one every really brings up Bay City anymore. Why don't they? With some mindsets I'm sure BC should be playing for the state championship year in and year out. Texas City, Lamarque (yes, I know what's going on there), Daingerfield, etc. They all fall prey to small town over expectations, small town last names wanting more glory, or even a lack of a local economy stable enough to support families.
  3. I've got a source that's said there are 15 classes at the elementary with no room for them to go other than the cafeteria. Can they be competitive in football again? Maybe but it's going to have to take some time for the coaching staff to work it out.
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