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  1. Buna. T-town people and kids will find a good excuse on why they didn't win.
  2. I sure hope so. That group of kids they have now were a good group in middle school. Good luck Coldspring.
  3. I wonder how many times a purple towel was being swung around the sideline last night...
  4. I think I also heard Ranchview and Hillcrest cancelled too.
  5. Boswell and Eaton (I know that's more around Ft Worth) Naaman Forest and Rockwall-Heath Arlington Seguin and Dallas Carter
  6. I understand why they're doing this. What I don't get is kids had all summer to get vaccinated and now "we're going to shut it down to give kids an opportunity to get vaccinated". Maybe it's the climate, maybe I'm just being cynical, but I can also see this as a school district pressuring kids to get vaccinated by taking athletic events away.
  7. I guess people forget about his very mediocre stint in Marble Falls? Nothing against the man personally but wasn't Cameron Yoe, Southlake AND West Lake winning before he was there. Oh, and hasn't Southlake and Cameron been successful since he left?
  8. I wouldn't necessarily say it's not as important but rather more competitive with admin in the DFW than it is in SETX. They're in a situation in a lot of DFW schools where they have to build to compete with the Joneses in getting kids in. A lot of SETX schools still have guys that "played back then" without anything like that and don't realize that facility upgrades are things that are important. A lot of school personnel also only think it'll service football but it'll take care of other sports throughout the whole year. They preach they want what's best for the kids but it's all about conv
  9. I hope you're right. I've seen really good coordinators take head gigs and struggle not because of coaching but because of gene pool.
  10. Most DFW schools have them...not all. If there's anywhere in Texas that schools need them the most I'd say SETX does. Y'all know as well as I do the weather in the fall is all over the place.
  11. I just looked at the THSPA website for the last 2 seasons and couldn't a find a boy's name associated with Warren. Places like Warren need powerlifting to be able to try and get their kids competitive and to try and build something on the boy's side that has some success. They could also use that on the girl's side as well. I hope they're able to find a person that will buy in and help to overcome the inadequacies of genetics and apathy. When you've got a gene pool that can't compete as they get off the bus you've got to have heart and work ethic and when you have a track record of w
  12. That Barbay is the receivers coach at Central Michigan.
  13. The main problem with all of this is Warren opening this late. Even if there was a change in a "reasonable" time table it was going to be hard to find someone with a proven track record that would want to come in and try to get something going but with it now being June 1st good luck. Whoever ends up getting there, the community AND admin needs to understand realistic expectations and what Warren in is.
  14. There's another Lance Dale that I know of that coaches in Cy Ranch. He's really the one I was in reference to.
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