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  1. Sounds like a 6 man fb score. Congrats on a great season.
  2. There ya go. Why be satisfied by going undefeated and winning district. Go ahead and make your reservations for state.
  3. Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you. Mart will be a tough draw for anyone, including some higher classification teams. WH played as best as they could with what they had. Hit the weight room and track and line em up again next season.
  4. What’s the deal with the turf at Kyle field? It’s a mess.
  5. Looks like OU/ Baylor 2x now. Gotta give it to Ruhle whether you like Baylor or not.
  6. Well ol gum chewing water drinking Herman will once again how hard it is to win a college fb game, especially on the road. He turned down an opportunity to have dicker try a fg early in the first half. Plus need 1 first down to win in the end and can’t get it. You don’t win many contests only showing up in 1 quarter. This one’s on Herman and his staff. They are beating themselves. I need some Tylenol!!!
  7. Looks to me as Mensa Tom, is that redundant, has ‘lost’ this team. Zero changes have been made on either side of the ball. Most of the players are just going through the motions.
  8. Texas deserves to lose if Herman keeps taking points off the board. I’m thinking maybe 3 points to make it 7-3 might’ve gotten the horns rolling. Is he trying to get paid off?
  9. There are going to be a good number of 4th place teams going home in round 1. The solution is to get better and not finish 4th. Then you won’t hafta face teams such as Mart in bidistrict. Either that, or borrow the 4 Horseman next go round.
  10. A win is a win is a win. Regroup and line em up again next week.
  11. So I guess there wasn’t a running clock. Is that the final score 81-14?
  12. Looks like EC is the only district team to advance.
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