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  1. This will be interesting to see how this all comes out.
  2. Operator please connect me to 1939.
  3. It’s not like he was going to coach somewhere that wasn’t good to begin with.
  4. Big game coming up against auburn. Why take the risk of injury to the starters.....
  5. Will Jimbo give the starter’s one more quarter then give others playing time to get some game experience?
  6. Roschon making Ingram work harder. Nice TD run by him.
  7. Lamar holding their own and doing what they’re able. Should’ve gotten on the board with the fg.. the ball was kicked about 2 yards off the ground. Some of us might have stumbled our way into the path of that one.
  8. Great start for Texas and Roschon. Looks to me as if the OL has more confidence when he’s in the backfield. Just sayin!
  9. WOS rebounds and gets back in the ‘W’ column.
  10. Any win is a good win, but this really is a good win for Shelbyville.
  11. Sounding like a long night so far for Buna. Maybe they’ll get it going in the 2nd half.
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