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  1. So did Jimmy Johnson get into the HOF?
  2. Texans are just going through the motions and have been since the failed fake punt in the 2nd quarter. That one call pretty much sealed their fate in this one. Ridiculous effort. Adios O’Brien!!!
  3. The Bills are kicking themselves for losing last week 😂
  4. Maybe if the Chiefs put up a couple of more scores, that will be enough to close the O’Brien era in Houston. Enough is enough!
  5. I’ll bet a dollar to a donut the Horns make it ‘back’ home before the Utes. As far as actually being back, who knows. Not until they win a conference championship, make the playoff, and win a National Championship, will I consider them back.They better hurry up seeing how time isn’t my friend. The clock is ticking.
  6. Horns need to formation better or use more motion to open up the short passing game, which will turn into big plays.
  7. Should’ve taken the 3 points to go up 13-0.
  8. Naw. Herman will keep it close with stupid offensive play calls.
  9. Could be worse if okie lite would’ve scored on the first turnover. That’s a positive for aggie. It’s still early. Aggie will mount a comeback.
  10. All Dallas needs is a little more mayonnaise for that chicken salad ingredient.
  11. Somebody has to take the fall. Orlando wouldn’t change his defense to save his life. On the offensive side, Beck will probably be relieved of his OC duties but remain on staff as a position coach. Time will tell.
  12. 21-0 ouch is right. Just remember it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
  13. He’ll feel it tomorrow for sure. If he’s not #1RB out the gate next season, something is wrong.
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